updated: January 11, 2023

The BISSELL PowerFresh steam mop rated #2 on our list of top 5 steam mops. Read all the pros and cons in our 2023 review.

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Our rating: 9.4
Price: Average

The BISSELL PowerFresh is an impressive steam mop that scored #4 on our list of top 6 steam mops. It performs well and won’t put a big dent in your wallet. With all its features and grime-busting power, it’s a real heavy hitter.

PowerFresh is an impressive steam mop.

From quick heat-up time to a removable tank and adjustable steam levels, it’s versatile enough for any sealed hard floor you throw at it. There are a few drawbacks however, mostly with quality control issues. It does have a 2-year limited warranty that can help if you experience any problems.

What do you get with the BISSELL PowerFresh

When you open the box, you’ll find the mop in 3 pieces (mop head, lower body & handle), 1 soft microfiber cleaning pad, 1 scrubby microfiber cleaning pad, user guide, carpet glider attachment, and 2 scent disks (the “fresh” part of the mop). Assembly is super easy. Just snap the mop head onto the lower body. Then slide the handle assembly into the body and tighten with one screw.

Key Features

OPTIONAL fragrance discs provide a little more freshening.

  • Flip-down easy scrubber – Just flip down the gray piece on the mop head when you come across stubborn, stuck-on messes. Stiff bristles will loosen it up so you can mop it away. It’s also great for cleaning grout.
  • Spring breeze fragrance discs – For when you want a little more freshening. These OPTIONAL disks slide into a mesh pocket inside the mop pad. You don’t need to use them if you’re sensitive to fragrances. The cleaning pads themselves are fragrance free.
  • SmartSet digital steam control – 3 settings for the steam level you need – low, medium, or high.
  • 30-second heat-up – As soon as you plug it in, the mop begins heating. Then you choose a steam level once it’s ready.

Product Dimensions

Dimensions may prevent the mop from reaching narrow spaces.

The PowerFresh mop head is about 8 inches front to back and 13 inches wide. That may prevent it from reaching behind toilets and other narrow spaces. The front side of the mop head is straight while the back side of the mop head with pad is curved outward.

This could possibly help with any curved edges where your floors and walls meet. Otherwise, it may just add unnecessary depth, whereas a straighter and narrower shape could be more beneficial for those tight spots.

  • Length – 43 inches
  • Width – 13 inches
  • Depth (body & mop head) – 9.5 inches
  • Weight – 6 pounds
  • Cord – 23 feet

Water tank

The PowerFresh has a generous 16 ounce water tank. Better yet, it’s removable. It simply pops in and out. With no handle, however, it can be a challenge to remove if your hands are wet, or for those with arthritis

You fill it via a cap on the bottom, then pop the tank back into the body. There is no tank filling cup included as with some steam mops, but it’s really not necessary since the opening is wide enough to fill it easily.

Melba Espinal - Cleaning Expert
As with most steam mops, the manufacturer recommends using only distilled or demineralized water to avoid mineral deposits that can clog the internal parts and leave dull residue on your floors.
Melba Espinal
Our Expert Tip

There is no need to add anything else other than water to the tank. It could damage your steam mop. So just don’t. If you really have to use a cleaner, spray it on the cleaning pad OR spray it on the floor in front of you section by section as you mop.

Note: There’s a Powerfresh Deluxe (model 1806) that costs a little more but has a few key differences. One being the water tank – the tank can be filled from the top and comes with a filling cup. However, the tank is not removable.

Cleaning pads

The PowerFresh comes with 2 washable, fluffy microfiber pads. One is for regular scrubbing and is solid white. The other has gray chevron pattern stripes and is used for heavier duty scrubbing.

The unit comes with 2 washable microfiber pads and MAY include 2 spring breeze fragrance discs.

On the inside of each pad, there’s a gray mesh pocket where you can slide in one of the 2 included spring breeze fragrance discs to add some extra scent while you mop. If you don’t want a lot of scent, you CAN cut those in half or even in quarters. Please note that these are completely optional. If you have any fragrance sensitivities, simply toss the fragrance disks in the garbage and go on with your life. It’s really that simple.

Remember to wash the cleaning pads only in detergent. Don’t use fabric softener or bleach. Air dry.

Note: In the Powerfresh Deluxe (model 1806), the scent disks can either be slid into a slot on the mop head for light fragrance or placed in the cleaning pads for a heavier scent.

Carpet glider

Carpet glider (black on the left) could be used for refreshing the carpet.

The mophead with cleaning pad simply sits on top of this rectangular plastic attachment. It doesn’t snap in place. This is only to be used for “refreshing” or “deodorizing” your carpets and can be used with the fragrance disks.

It is NOT a carpet cleaner. All it does is glide the steam mop over the carpet. Never let the steam mop sit in one spot on the carpet for longer than 20 seconds.


Flip-down easy scrubber

The PowerFresh has a flip-down easy scrubber you can engage with your foot. It’s designed to clean stuck-on stains, but can also be used for grout. It may not be great on deeper grout, and you may need to add a little more pressure for it to be effective.

Note: In the Powerfresh Deluxe (model 1806), there is a spot boost brush on the body itself. You remove the body from the mophead, then use the brush on the end of the body along with steam to clean stuck on stains or grout.

How to operate the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

Using this mop is easy peasy. One really good thing we loved about it – it stands up on its own! No having to prop it against anything if you need to move a chair or something. For full operation instructions, please refer to the user manual.

Melba Espinal - Cleaning Expert
Before you even think about mopping, make sure you have swept or vacuumed the hard floor thoroughly to remove all loose debris and hair. Otherwise, you’ll just smear it around the floor and potentially scratch the surface.
Melba Espinal
Our Expert Team

  1. Setup – Click the body into the mophead. Slide the handle into the body and tighten the screw to secure it. Boom – it’s assembled.
  2. Add cleaning pad – If using the scent disk, first slide this into the pocket in the cleaning pad. Slide the mophead into the cleaning pad.
  3. Fill the water tank – Remove the water tank. Unscrew the cap from the bottom and fill with distilled or demineralized water. Replace the cap and place the tank back into the mop.
  4. Glide the mop slowly in back and forth lines, overlapping as you go across the floor.
  5. Plug it in – Unwrap the cord from the cord wrap and plug it in. Pretty self-explanatory.
  6. Let it heat up – The steam select light will blink until it’s ready to go, then there will be a solid green light.
  7. Choose your steam level – Press the steam select button until you see the indicator light above the level of steam that you want.
  8. Start mopping – Glide the mop slowly in back and forth lines, overlapping as you go across the floor. To sanitize an area, let it sit for 15 – 20 seconds over the selected area. Don’t let it sit for longer than 20 seconds in one spot.
  9. Refill if needed – While mopping, if the mop stops emitting steam, remove the tank, refill it, replace, and keep on going.
  10. Shut it down – Unplug the steam mop, remove the cleaning pad with the quick release tab. Remove the scent disk from the pad. Empty any leftover water from the tank. Wrap the power cord around the cord wrap. Store the mop in a safe, dry area.

What are customers saying about the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

Customers generally agreed on several advantages this mop had over others. The cord length (23 feet) was one of them, although a few people thought it was too short. They loved the easy assembly. A favorite feature was the 3 steam control settings. They also appreciated how easily it swiveled and how lightweight it was.

Removable tank is a huge convenience factor for many customers.
Removable tank is a huge convenience factor for many customers.

The removable tank was a huge convenience factor for many customers. They also complimented the flip-down scrubber for stuck-on dirt and getting into grout. They loved how quickly their floors dried as well. Most customers were highly impressed with the cleaning performance.

Complaints were mostly due to quality control issues. One common problem was that the cap on the water tank got stuck or broken, which led to leaks. High heat also left burn marks on one customer’s laminate flooring. So, we recommend:

  1. Check with your flooring manufacturer to see if it’s safe to use a steam mop and
  2. Start with the lowest steam setting and test it first in a small area to see if there are any issues (discussion).

Some customers said their steam mop broke down after having it for less than a year. It’s unclear whether they were using tap water instead of distilled water, however. In most cases, Bissell customer service seems to respond quickly and offers troubleshooting tips as well.




  • Affordable
  • 30-second heat-up
  • Stands on its own
  • Removable water tank
  • Long cord
  • 3 steam settings
  • Flip-down scrubber for stuck-on dirt and grout
  • 2-year warranty
  • Optional spring breeze fragrance discs


  • Water tank can be hard to remove
  • Cap on water tank may stick or break
  • No on/off button
  • Higher steam settings may leave floors really wet
  • Lack of accessories other than a carpet glider
  • No tray to set it on between uses
Optional accessories:
Demineralized Water for BISSELL PowerFresh steam mops
If you’re looking for a fragrance alternative, try Bissell’s scented demineralized water in 3 choices: eucalyptus mint, citrus, or spring breeze. Just pour it right into the tank and get your fragrance on!
Melba Espinal is a proud mother and self-professed “neat-freak.” She started a successful cleaning service to earn money while obtaining her degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Washington. After growing the business from a part-time job to a full operation with a fleet of vehicles and a team of employees, she now focuses on helping homeowners with her expert tips and advice!

image description Comments
Shirley sanders
November 5, 2022 at 8:56 pm

I. Bought mine over a year never used it because it didn’t have the carpet tool that you use for the carpet.i tried to get one bygetting hold of bissell Co was told they didn’t make that tool anymore. I was so mad when I watched the video the person on video just tossed it away I yelled that is what I need. I am 84 I really need that .my carpet can only be steamed. Now I see one don’t know if it will fit mine .

C. Arnesen
August 21, 2022 at 12:53 am

After steaming floors, I take off pad and see it is burned in the middle where the disk goes. Also outside around edges, all starting to look burnt. I am extremly aggravated, and think it is defective.

July 12, 2022 at 1:55 pm

I like this steamer. A small thing that I wish it had would be a swivel cord holder. It would be so nice to flip the top cord lever/handle down to release the entire cord in one step instead of manually unwrapping it one loop at a time. Small things.

September 28, 2022 at 4:25 pm

If you pull the top cord handle out, it swivels to either side releasing the entire cord.

Susie Crist
July 21, 2021 at 6:17 pm

I regret spending $90.00 some dollars on this mop! I have used it only about 6 times, always used distilled water, and now it only partially steams! Customer service was was a joke when I called – she was rude, hung up on me, when I told her MY printed instructions indicated if you want some extra cleaning power a small amount of white vinegar could be added to the water cup! So, now what? Last Bissell product I will ever buy!

October 20, 2021 at 7:51 pm

My motor went in less then 1 yr and I have a new 1 from bissell here in 3 days. Walmart wouldn’t take it back because it was past the 90 days for them

Maureen Fawns
March 12, 2021 at 8:11 pm

I regret this purchase, the $29 one from Aldi gets hotter and cleans quicker. I bought this expecting better but I have gone back to my other one except when I use the attachments, they are great to clean my Airbnb but not worth the $327 more.
I so regret this purchase.
The name sells it, I had high expectations especially with the price I paid. 🙁

March 4, 2021 at 12:21 am

I just tried out my new 1806 model and I like it. Only problem is that after just one use I can see that the pad is going to wear out right away where the steam comes out of the mop. Are there any solutions to this. I can’t afford a new pad every-other time I mop. Thank you for any advise.

August 15, 2022 at 6:00 pm

Making your own, YouTube how to make extra cleaning covers pads with towels or any material you desire. Hope I was able to provide a good inexpensive idea.

Suly Delacruz
May 23, 2020 at 3:47 am

I’m agreed with the comment about that the Mop it’s very wet..an a exaggeration.. after I mopped I have to pass a dry towel or put a Fan on the floor to dry..I bought it today. And I tried right away.. cleans ok.. toooooo wet!!! I don’t like it.. if i knew that. I wouldn’t buy it…

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