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Find out why the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool vacuum has the best functionality for the price in this detailed review.

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Our rating: 9.9
Price: Average

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is the most advanced of the Dolphin Nautilus pool robot trio, which includes the original Dolphin Nautilus and Dolphin Nautilus CC. They share a similar build and many of the same functions.

The CC models clean faster than the original. The CC Plus has a farther reach than the CC and has larger filters. It’s basically an upsized version of the CC, all for a little extra cost.

CC Plus ready to use
Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool cleaner

What’s great about the CC Plus, and what might be worth the higher price tag, is how efficiently it cleans. It can clean the floor and walls of an in-ground pool up to 50 feet across within 2 hours. You’ll be hard pressed to find a pool robot that’s this efficient.

What do you get with the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

  • 60-foot cord
  • Ideal for inground pools up to 50 feet
  • One-button operation
  • 8X more energy efficient than suction and pressure cleaners
  • CleverClean technology
  • Patented anti-tangle swivel cable
  • Dual-scrubbing brushes
  • Large top-load filter cartridges
  • Leaf & ultra-fine filters included
  • Weekly scheduler with 3 settings
  • 180-Watt power supply
  • Extended 2.5-year warranty
  • Dimensions: 16”W x 10”H x 16”D
  • Weight: 19 pounds


Dolphin's precision navigation

With CleverClean technology, the Nautilus Plus uses an algorithm to learn the location of obstacles such as ladders and steps. It may take a few passes with it bumping up against things for it to completely map out the pool, but once it does, it will avoid those obstacles and go around them.

Beyond the internal navigation system, there is no other way to steer the robot. No smartphone apps or remote control.

While it navigates consistently well along the wall and floor, it’s not designed to clean the waterline. Also, don’t expect this robot to clean the steps, although some customers have lucked out and said it did clean their pool steps and the waterline.


filtration in Nautilus CC Plus

The flow of water makes much more sense in this design than in other models. Many pool robots have rear-expulsion jets which can bust up dirt in hard to reach corners.

But one of the main complaints of that design is that the jets blow too much debris around that never gets picked up. In the CC Plus, however, water comes in through the bottom, passes through the filters, and exits at the top, which greatly reduces debris dispersal.

The CC Plus comes with 2 filters – one is a mesh leaf filter for large debris like leaves, sticks, bugs, etc. The other is an ultra-fine filter for sand, dirt, pollen, and other fine particles. Unlike the original Nautilus, the CC Plus has top-loading filters.

Luke Reed - Pool Maintenance Expert
Only use one type of filter at a time for a more efficient clean. For best results, start with the leaf filter when opening the pool for summer or after any big storms that blow large debris into the pool. For regular in-season cleaning, you’ll want to use the ultra-fine filter.
Luke Reed
Expert Tip

Swivel Cable

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus swivel cable

A very nice feature on the CC Plus is the patented anti-tangle swivel cable. It rotates along with the machine to keep the cord from getting tangled. A floating buoy on the cord further prevents tangling by keeping it lifted so that there’s no excess under the water.

With cord tangling being one of the top complaints from pool robot users, this is a welcome feature.

Active Scrubbing Brushes

These rubber bladed brushes scrub twice as fast as the pool robot moves, working quickly to remove grime and sweep it back to the water intake beneath the unit. The big blades and smaller mesh-pattern between them tackles both big and small debris.

You can also buy replacement brushes. Depending on wear and tear, they should last you at least a year. If you have a pool with a rougher texture on the floor or walls, they will probably not last as long.


The scheduling feature is a simple 3-setting weekly cleaning feature. You can set it to clean 1, 2, or 3 times per week. Each cleaning cycle is 2 hours. If it doesn’t finish cleaning in one cycle, you’ll have to manually restart it. All of that is done with a few buttons on the power supply.

Luke Reed - Pool Maintenance Expert
Like other cleaning robots with smart navigation, it will take a few cycles for it to map out the most efficient path for your pool.
Luke Reed
Expert Team

General set-up and operation

The manual that comes with the unit is very basic and not that helpful. Thankfully, the Maytronics website has a more detailed guide for each model of robotic pool cleaner, including videos and diagrams.

Before first startup, follow these steps:

  1. Unwind the cable and stretch it out completely to release any kinks.
  2. Remove any plastic covers on the brushes.
  3. Place the power supply near the middle of the longest side of the pool and about 12 feet from the edge.
  4. Attach the cord to the power supply – line up the notch on the connector with the groove on the socket, then turn clockwise to lock.
  5. Plug in the power supply, but leave it OFF for now.

To start a cycle:

  1. Release the pool robot into the pool and let it sink to the bottom.
  2. Only place enough of the cord into the pool to allow it to reach the farthest corner.
  3. Turn the power supply on. This will start a single, 2-hour cycle.
  4. To set the weekly timer, you’ll choose between 3 different buttons located on the power supply.

Lightweight design of Nautilus CC Plus from Dolphin

To remove the robot from the pool:

  1. Turn off and unplug the power supply.
  2. With the floating cable, pull the robot to the edge of the pool.
  3. Lift the robot by the handle (NOT THE CORD).
  4. Remove from the pool and let the unit sit on the edge so the water drains out.

What customers like about it


For the price, customers thought they got a lot of value. Some even said this unit cleaned better than others that were twice the price, even oddly shaped pools. They loved how easy the filters were to take out and clean. A few mentioned that they saved electricity by turning off the pool pump while the robot did its job.

They liked how well it climbs walls, with some customers even saying it cleaned the waterline and steps. Others mentioned that it doesn’t get stuck on raised drains. Several people were happy with the light weight, which makes it easy to drop in and take out.

What customers don’t like about it


Several customers, especially those with larger pools, needed to run it for 2-3 cycles before they saw a thorough clean. Though the weekly timer suggests it can be left in the pool, some customers didn’t feel comfortable with that. In fact, Maytronics cautions to remove the cleaner when not in use and store it on a caddy in a shaded area.

Some people weren’t happy that it did not come with a caddy. They also wished it had a remote control and smartphone app. Many customers said it missed the waterline and steps entirely or only partially cleaned them. A few noted that it will get stuck on smaller objects such as swim goggles if left in the pool.

Optional accessories
Pool Cleaner Caddy
Lightweight and durable, this caddy makes storing and transporting your pool robot easy. Fits several models of Dolphin pool robots.
Climbing Brushes
Works with Dolphin Nautilus, Triton, and Advantage Plus RC models.
Our pool maintenance expert, Luke Reed, earned his BS in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech in 1998. Since then, he’s worked in a variety of industries, including design and construction of luxury swimming pools.

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October 11, 2022 at 11:49 am

I live in a country that uses 220 volts. Is the power supply autovolt? 100-250V? Or only 110 volts?

John Ryan
May 17, 2021 at 12:53 am

Will the dolphin Nautilus CC clean a bigger pool mine is roughly 15×36 and I’m trying to decide between the Nautilus CC and the Plus, is there any real difference when it comes to cleaning a slightly bigger pool I know the Nautilus CC says up to 33 ft

August 13, 2023 at 10:18 pm

what did you decide? We are in the same boat.

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