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Read our 2023 review of the Dolphin Triton PS pool cleaning robot to discover all the wonderful features that make it one of the best!

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Our rating: 9.6
Price: Average

With its magnificent functionality, the Dolphin Triton PS takes all the effort out of owning an in-ground pool — making it a joyous experience once more.

Dolphin Triton PS standing near the pool.
Dolphin Triton PS makes owning an in-ground pool a joy

There’s nothing quite like taking a refreshing dip in a crystal-clear pool on a sweltering summer day. What’s not so lovely is all the work that goes into keeping a pool in that state. Enter the Dolphin Triton PS.

This robotic army of one makes quick work of pool chores, freeing up more time for you to enjoy a heavenly frozen mango margarita as you sit next to the crystalline purity of your recently cleaned pool.

robot pool cleaner cleans the pool

This tiny, crewless submarine can be your ever-vigilant underwater sentinel. It’ll filter out all those nasty impurities that aren’t only unsightly but pose significant health hazards.

It’s yet another labor-saving machine from the incredibly inventive mind of Maytronics, a company that has over three and a half decades of experience in innovative pool-cleaning technologies. Maytronics is known for its outstanding line of pool-cleaning robots, and the Dolphin Triton PS is no exception.

You can finally retire that clunky pool skimmer!

The Dolphin Triton PS has the robust suction and intense scrubbing power to make most of your pool cleaning duties a thing of the past. By using this handy-dandy bot, your pool will be sparkling clean and ready for aquatic fun in a mere two hours.


  • Noiseless operation;
  • State-of-the-art water jet propulsion system;
  • Electronic brain with advanced algorithms;
  • Exceptional waterline cleaning ability;
  • Incredibly lightweight;
  • Perfect for in-ground pools up to 50 feet.

Who’s It For

The Dolphin Triton PS is for any pool owner who is tired of using antiquated pool cleaning technology.

This submersible cybernetic machine works tirelessly to clean every square inch of your pool as you sprawl out on a reclining chaise lounge, soaking up the glorious rays of the afternoon sun.



Watch out villainous pool scum—here comes the Triton!

It’s Maytronics middle-of-the-road model and does a fantastic job for what you’ll pay.

Once you experience the sheer exhilaration of owning a top-of-the-line pool-cleaning bot, you’ll never have to worry about manually scrubbing your backyard pool again.

Here are some of the pros:

Triton PS is as easy to use as to plug it into the socket and submerge into the pool

Easy Set-Up

Set up is super easy!

Unbox your mechanical helper, plug the base unit into a power source, and hit “go.” Right away, the machine will start to do its thing. Its yellow and black shell makes it look like a submersible “minion,” or perhaps a subaquatic bumblebee.

Noiseless Operation

You won’t hear a peep out of this bot until it sticks its cute head from the waterline. Then (and only then) it’ll make a slight whirring sound as it diligently scrubs your pool walls. It’ll release tons of bubbles as it does so. It’s mesmerizing to watch!

Monkey-Like Agility

This miracle bot has a whole battery of sensors with advanced algorithms that continually plot the most efficient cleaning route through your pool.

Triton PS pool cleaner climbs onto the pool's wall
It cleans the pool walls really well.

It’s as graceful as can be, clambering up pool walls with monkey-like agility. The water jets press the unit against the walls, ensuring that it will remain adhered to surfaces as it ascends to the waterline. When it gets to the top of the wall, it hovers there for a short time while scrubbing the trim tile.

State-Of-The-Art Propulsion System

The Dolphin Triton PS is sort of like an underwater tank.

However, a tank turns because its tracks rotate in opposite directions. The Triton turns by popping a wheelie. Then, while its wheels are off the ground, it shoots out water from a jet on either side of the unit. These ingenious side jets help the machine deftly maneuver around its aquatic environment without getting stuck.

Exceptional Waterline Cleaning Capabilities

Dolphin Triton PS cleans the pool's waterline

It has exceptional waterline cleaning capabilities. Now I know that these days, most robotic pool cleaners have this ability. However, not every single model does. What’s more, Maytronics has supercharged their bot’s waterline cleaning talents with an active scrubber on the front that moves two times faster than the one in the back. Its brushes are vigorous enough that they’ll loosen the stubbornest of algae and most sunbaked on dirt and gunk as the powerful suction slurps it all up.

Because it’s so good at what it does, it won’t take multiple passes to scour your scum-encrusted tiles clean. If your pool is filthy, you might have to run your bot for two cycles. If you run your unit once a week, it’ll keep your pool maintained enough that you won’t have to add another cycle to the mix. With its superior filtering abilities, dirt and debris won’t stand a chance!

Extra-Large Cleaning Basket

View on an extra-large cleaning basket.

The Dolphin Triton PS boasts an extra-large gunk bucket so it can pick up debris that’s too big for lesser machines to handle.It’s top-loading too.

There are robotic pool cleaners out there that have their baskets on the bottom. That’s a serious design flaw. That’s because your unit is going to end up with a profusion of scratch marks over time if you can only empty all the crap your bot swallows from the bottom of the unit. Granted, this probably won’t detract from the unit’s functionality, but who wants a machine that’s all banged-up looking?

Extraordinarily Easy to Clean

Cleaning some pool robots is a herculean task that takes more time than cleaning the pool.

A woman backwashes robot's filter.

Not so with the Dolphin Triton PS! It comes with two sets of removable filters. You get fine (plastic mesh) and superfine (a pleated filter, like a HEPA vacuum filter). The fine filter does its job amazingly well, picking up all the small debris that settles on your pool bottom.

The bottom of the basket is hinged for easy removal of collected debris. The filters pop out of the basket for easy cleaning. Pull the bot from the pool and empty the basket contents. Then, remove the filters, and give them a quick spraying down with a nearby hose.

Incredibly Lightweight

Because this unit is incredibly lightweight (weighing only 16.5 pounds), you won’t risk getting a hernia when you lift it out of the water. The quick water release makes it even easier to remove the unit from the pool.

A woman takes the pool robot out of the water
It’s easy to remove robot from the water even for ordinary person.

It only lets the water out and not the stuff trapped inside.

“Set-It-And-Forget-It” Functionality

If you crave “set-it-and-forget-it” functionality, the Dolphin Triton PS has it. Its weekly scheduler lets you choose from three intervals—every day, every other day, or every third day.

Anti-Tangle Swivel Cable

List of the advantages of the Triton PS.

You also get an anti-tangle swivel cable, so your bot doesn’t get jumbled up in its cord.

Independent of Your Pool Pump

Because it’s independent of your dedicated filtration system, it dramatically extends the life of your pool’s pump.

Durable Enough to Withstand the Elements

The Triton is one tough unit! It can withstand brutal heat and chlorine’s ravaging effects with only a slight discoloration of its plastic housing.

Two-Year Guarantee

The Dolphin Triton PS comes with a two-year quality assurance guarantee, which radically diminishes the chances you’ll be stuck with a lemon.



In the early days of production, some people received faulty units that only ran for 15 to 25 minutes before they quit—never to work again. The weird thing about this quirk is that even though the unit stopped dead in its tracks, the power unit’s light kept flashing, indicating that it was fully operational.

I’m happy to report that Maytronics was able to rectify this problem, and today, this kind of mechanical failure rarely happens. Sometimes, the Dolphin Triton PS goes back and forth over a shadow cast by a tree limb, thinking it’s a dirty spot.

Despite the company’s marketing, which states that the machine can easily surmount drain covers, the reality is that it sometimes gets hopelessly hung up on them.The good news is that it can easily climb steps. The bad news is that it doesn’t clean them particularly well.

Alternatives to the Dolphin Triton PS

Photo of the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus.

Let’s compare the Dolphin Triton PS to a few other models to help you make a better buying decision. We’ll start with the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. The Dolphin Triton PS doesn’t weigh as much as the CC Plus (16.5 pounds vs. 22 pounds). However, the Triton is a little more expensive. The Triton has Power Stream technology, which means it adheres to pool walls much better than the CC Plus.

This means the Triton’s going to clean better.

The CC Plus cannot clean your pool’s waterline, while the Triton can. The Triton has two cleaning modes (standard and quick), whereas the CC Plus only has standard.

Photo of the Polaris F9950 Sport.

Next, we’ll compare the Triton to the Polaris F9950 Sport. The F9950 Sport has a remote control—the Triton doesn’t. The F9950 has a power cord that’s ten feet longer than what the Triton has.

Customers report that the Triton cleans more areas of your pool than the F9950 is able to do.

The F9950 has a dirty canister indicator, but the Triton doesn’t have this feature.

My Final Verdict: Should You Buy the Dolphin Triton PS

The Dolphin Triton PS is worth the money if you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning your in-ground pool.

Dolphin has over 35 years of experience providing pool owners with a hassle-free cleaning solution. With this machine, you can get back to what truly matters—spending quality time with friends and family.

So, enjoy a beer or two while you binge watch your favorite Netflix show, and let the little guy do its work!

If you want to see what we said about similar machines, check out our pool robot reviews.

Our pool maintenance expert, Luke Reed, earned his BS in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech in 1998. Since then, he’s worked in a variety of industries, including design and construction of luxury swimming pools.

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