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updated: January 02, 2023
Man washing the patio with the gas pressure washer.

If you need heavy-duty cleaning power for exterior surfaces, nothing beats a top-rated gas pressure washer. From cars and oil-stained driveways to mildewed decks, patios and walkways, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can make them look like new with the right power washer.

Alex Woodward - Power Washers Expert
For most light to medium duty jobs, an electric power washer works just fine. But for heavy-duty dirt and grime or for cleaning farm equipment, etc. where you have no access to a power outlet, a gas pressure washer will become your best friend.
Pressure Washer Expert

Our gas pressure washer reviews and buying guide will help you find the right machine for your specific cleaning needs. We’ll look at several important tests, including price comparisons, engines, cleaning power, accessories, ease of use, length of hoses and what jobs each machine is best suited for.

Here are the pros and cons of a gas pressure washer:



  • No power cord to limit reach, no power outlet needed
  • Great for cleaning large areas quickly
  • Best for removing very tough stains
  • Versatile for a wide variety of applications
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  • Heavier
  • Louder
  • More expensive (~$300 – $500 for residential models)
  • Can’t use indoors due to exhaust
  • Requires winterizing – must drain all water and add antifreeze
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When looking for the right model for you, pay attention to these criteria:

Gas Power Washers Buying Checklist
  1. Price
  2. PSI / GPM / CU (cleaning power)
  3. Warranty
  4. Weight
  5. Extra nozzles (on board storage is a big plus)
  6. Plastic or metal wand
  7. Wheels – larger and pneumatic wheels provide the best stability and maneuverability
  8. Plastic or brass couplings for hose attachment
  9. Hose length – minimum 20-foot hose is best
  10. Hose storage
  11. Engine type and power
  12. Noise output

We’ve listed several top-rated gas pressure washers from brands such as Champion®, Ford®, WEN®, Simpson®, and Generac®. Browse the listings and compare to find the machine that’s right for you.

A man kneeled near his gas-powered pressure washer

These machines and models represent some of the best gas-powered pressure washers currently available in the market today. No matter your choice, you’re making an excellent investment in both yourself and your home.

Our careful research and thorough testing allow us to deliver some of the highest quality reviews available. We strive to provide unbiased feedback on products, allowing people to make informed decisions about the investments they make in their home and life. We pride ourselves in our ability to help match homeowners with the very best reviews, tips, and advice online.

Gas-Powered Pressure Washers Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Attach Multiple Hoses Together?

Through the use of quick-release couplers, you absolutely can! Just note that you will lose about 50 PSI for every 50’ of additional hose.

What Is A Telescopic Wand?

A telescopic wand is an adjustable wand that you can adjust in length, generally from 6” to 48” on average. This allows the operator to reach more difficult places, such as rooftops and gutters. This also helps keep the person dry and free of any flying debris that may come up.

Man adding the Simple Green detergent to power washer soap tank
What Detergent Or Soap Should I Use In My Power Washer?

Generally, you are fine using most detergents or soaps so long as they are properly formulated for use in pressure washers to prevent clogging and ensure even flow. Consult your owner’s manual for additional information and possible manufacturer recommendations.

My Pressure Washer Won’t Start, What Do I Do?

Don’t panic! First off, ensure that all of your connections are properly connected and that there is gas in your tank. If everything checks out there, you may have an issue with a clogged carburetor, which you can try clearing with a carburetor cleaner. If all of the above fails, you may want to consider bringing your machine to a repair shop for additional troubleshooting.


Best Gas Pressure Washers – Our 2023 Ratings & Reviews

We select, test, review and suggest the best products. We may earn a commission, if you buy something through our links.

1Peak Performing Powerhouse
Premium pressure washer provides peak performance

Simpson’s latest offering is perhaps their finest to date, with the ALH3425 being one of the most impressive gas-powered pressure washers we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. A Honda GX200 engine produces up to a mighty 3600 PSI of pressure flowing at an impressive rate of 2.5 GPM. Its AAA industrial-grade triplex plunger pump provides peak performance while minimizing engine load, and patented PowerBoost technology provides higher pressure at the nozzle for enhanced cleaning performance.

It includes a 35′ MorFlex hose, 16″ spray wand, an ergonomic spray gun, five quick-connect nozzles, and is backed by a series of generous warranties for individual components.

ProsThe Good

The Honda GX200 powering the ALH3425 is one of the finest engines available in pressure washers today, producing remarkable power from such a compact machine. The PowerBoost offered by the AAA triplex plunger pump delivers even greater pressure at the nozzle, cleaning deeper and more efficiently than competing units.

Its ultra-lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame provides a premium build quality while offering reassuring reliability. The ergonomic sprayer manages to provide improved control with lasting comfort for lengthier projects.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

While it’s compact design is excellent for storage, the lowered height of this machine can make maneuvering difficult as you need to reach down to grab the handle. In the same vein, taller users primarily washing at ground-level may want to consider the purchase of the optional extension wand to help prevent hunching over while operating.

While the included warranties are comprehensive, some users may reasonably see the system as convoluted. A series of individual warranties protect individual components, rather than an all-encompassing one that covers the entire unit as a whole.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

People are immediately impressed by the power provided by the ALH3425, with users noting that the machine is so powerful it’s capable of light commercial-grade projects as well as any consumer-grade ones you can throw at it. Users also appreciate the overall premium build quality of the device, enjoying the durability of the frame as well as the comfort and control provided by the ergonomically-designed spray gun.

There have been reports of users receiving faulty machines that either outright did not work or quickly broke down, although some managed to get support and servicing. There are also some vocal users who are frustrated by the somewhat complicated warranty system, wishing for a simple single comprehensive one instead.

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2The Choice For Experienced Users
Compact cleaner offering commercial-grade performance and quality.

This compact yet hefty machine from Simpson is packed with power. The PowerShot PS3228 is powered by a Honda GX200 engine, this powerhouse is capable of delivering 3300 PSI of pressure at a rate of 2.5 GPM. The included MorFlex hose is non-marring, kink & abrasion resistant, and features universal M22 threaded connections for enhanced compatibility.

The unit comes with five quick-connect nozzles, an ergonomic sprayer with 16″ wand, and even a detergent siphon tube with filter for your convenience. The frame is backed by a 10-year limited warranty, the pump by a 5-year limited warranty, the engine by a 3-year limited warranty, and the accessories by a 90-day limited warranty.

ProsThe Good

One of the key standouts of this pressure washer is the pump powering it. The AAA industrial triplex plunger pump produces incredible output on its own, while patented PowerBoost technology delivers higher pressure at the nozzle for even greater cleaning performance.For the protection of you and your loved ones, this power is fitted with a trigger-lock on the ergonomically-designed spray gun to prevent accidental firing. Its compact form-factor makes storing simple and can be tucked away under workbenches or into corners for your convenience.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

While the 10″ pneumatic tires are designed to absorb vibration while running, the sheer power of this device may still cause it to vibrate enough to move in operation. Another drawback to the power provided is the volume this machine produces, and as such, hearing protection is advised while using. While the compact form-factor is great for storage, maneuvering a unit so low to the ground can grow tedious with prolonged usage.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

As with most Simpson pressure washers, people are impressed by the power provided and performance it can deliver. While a number of people rave about how well the PowerShot performs on any residential-grade cleaning project, what really stands out is instances of people performing commercial-grade projects as well.

Many users have voiced frustrations with the varying warranties provided on individual components, as opposed to a comprehensive warranty for the device itself. In addition, some users have reported problems having their issues remedied by Simpson support when they arise.

Take a Look At These Alternative Models:
  • SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125
    SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125
    Price: Average

    While the MSH3125 is similar in design and even offers comparable performance to the PS3228, it is a notably cheaper alternative for the budget-conscious among us. Designed for residential use, it’s powered by a Honda GC190 engine and OEM axial cam pump that is capable of producing 3200 PSI of pressure at 2.5 GPM.

    It features the same accessories as the PS3228, although the included MorFlex hose is notably smaller in diameter. It is significantly lighter as well, weighing about 30 pounds lighter than the more powerful model. It features the same system of individual component warranties as opposed to a comprehensive one, although these are for shorter lengths than the PS3228 itself. CU Score: 8,000.

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3Simple Setup and Starting
This compact champion makes light-work of heavy-duty cleaning.

This workhorse pressure washer by Champion stands out as a true champion of the cleaning world. Its powerful 224cc Champion engine provides up to 3200 PSI of pressure flowing at a rate of 2.4 GPM. An axial cam pump by Annovi Reverberi provides reliability and steady performance over the lifetime of the machine. Dual onboard detergent tanks allow you to tackle bigger projects for longer periods.

This Champion cleaner is backed by a 2-year limited warranty for the unit, as well as free lifetime tech support.

ProsThe Good

The Champion’s durable steel-frame design provides sturdiness and overall reliability to the machine. The combination of their proprietary Champion engine paired with an Annovi Reverberi axial pump provides remarkable cleaning capability from such a compact cleaner. With a gas tank of just under a gallon and dual-onboard detergent tanks, the Champion delivers prolonged performance to tackle pretty much any residential project you throw at it. On top of all of this is a comprehensive limited two-year warranty that provides peace of mind to new owners.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

This machine, unfortunately, suffers from some basic design issues. A nondescript small switch engages the engine, but as the design is unintuitive, this isn’t readily apparent. The heat shield covering the exhaust would be a welcome addition, but its placement is less than ideal, and it’s warning it’s the clearest, so be mindful to avoid it while operating. The machine also features an auto-shutoff in the event of tippage, so be mindful when maneuvering as this may accidentally trigger it.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

People are impressed with how quiet this machine runs compared to competitors, with many likening it to a push mower. However, despite these impressively low decibels, hearing protection is still advised. Additionally, many love the generous gas tank and dual detergent tanks, allowing them to tackle tougher projects for longer lengths.

Users have expressed concerns with quality control issues, with some reporting outright defective units or ones that break down relatively quickly. Thankfully, Champion’s support tends to readily resolve these issues, whether through repair or replacement.

Take a Look At These Alternative Models:
  • Champion 3200 PSI Low Profile
    Champion 3200 PSI Low Profile
    Price: Average

    The Champion 3200 PSI Low-Profile model is nearly identical to the Dolly-Style model, but in a more compact form-factor that allows it to be stored easily under workbenches. Also powered by a 224cc Champion engine, it’s capable of producing a powerful 3200 of PSI flowing at a rate of 2.5 GPM. It also includes five quick-connect nozzles, a detergent tank for deeper cleaning, and a lengthy 25 foot high-pressure hose.

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4Long-lived durability
Exceptional dirt blaster gets your home cleaner than ever before.

The Ryobi RY80942 is an exceptional machine that gives you 3300 pounds of dirt-annihilating power you can use to get your home and yard cleaner than ever before. Use it to blast away baked-on grease from your grill, gunk off your front entrance stairs, or unsightly soot from vinyl siding.

There are so many things you can do with this amazing gas-powered pressure washer, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

ProsThe Good

One fantastic thing about this model is the idle-reducing technology. This means that when you release the trigger on the spray wand, the unit will idle down to a lower power. This decreases the noise levels and fuel levels and makes the engine last longer.

At 68 pounds, it’s fairly lightweight. This means that if your cleaning job requires you to frequently move the unit, you’ll love how portable it is.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

Because the gas tank on the RY80942 isn’t quite big enough, you might find yourself refueling a bit more frequently than you would like. The hose could be a little more flexible. It’s sometimes a little difficult rolling it up after finishing a job.

Some users were dismayed when the lower wand assembly fell off after only a short amount of use.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

Many customers are ecstatic that the model has an extra-long 50-foot hose. This makes it so much easier to wash bigger sections without having to put up with the annoyance of moving the unit every two seconds.

Other buyers appreciate that the trigger locks to prevent accidental operation. This helps protect users from getting hurt from a high-powered jet spray. They also love that unlike some other models, the RY80942 is exceptionally durable and built for long-term use.

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5Economical Commercial-Quality
Westinghouse’s standout machine offers commercial cleaning at consumer pricing.

From the legendary Westinghouse name comes the WPX3200 pressure washer. The 212cc 4-stroke Westinghouse OHV horizontal-shaft engine provides both powerful performance and remarkable reliability. It features a steel-frame design for enhanced durability, while 12″ never-flat wheels provide enhanced mobility. Also featured are a gallon gas tank and half-gallon detergent tank, so you’re able to tackle bigger projects for longer periods.

This machine is CARB-compliant and is backed by a 3-year limited warranty for service, labor, and parts.

ProsThe Good

The power and reliability offered by the Westinghouse engine help offer peace of mind to your purchase, knowing you’re able to tackle a variety of tasks for years to come. Its aluminum axial cam pump provides perfect pressure for most tasks, and the spray itself can easily be adjusted with any of the four included nozzles. The ergonomically designed EndraGrasp spray gun provides both enhanced comfort and control with prolonged usage.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

While generally solid, there are some core design issues with this pressure washer. Some of the plastic components provide a less-than-premium feel, with items such as the choke and gas-flow levers feeling fairly flimsy. The plastic hose may come in contact with the muffler while using, so be mindful of its position to prevent damage. Additionally, this machine may walk when under power, so be sure to position carefully before use.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

Most users are impressed with the performance offered for its value, being able to readily tackle pretty much any project around your home. People also appreciate how quiet this unit runs in comparison to competitors as well as their older units, although, as always, hearing protection is still advised.

There have been some issues with quality control, with users reporting missing or broken components, as well as the device arriving defective or breaking down quickly. Thankfully those covered by the 3-year limited warranty have largely found success getting their units repaired or replaced thanks to Westinghouse’s customer service.

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6Accessory-Packed Performer
Power meets utility, packed in a lightweight machine.

The SpeedWash 7122 from Generac is a feature-packed powerhouse offering commercial-grade performance out of a consumer-grade machine. Powered by Generac’s 196cc OHV engine and a brass-head axial cam pump, this machine is capable of generating 3200 PSI of pressure, flowing at a rate of 2.7 GPM.

Its wide variety of accessories allows the SpeedWash 7122 to readily handle pretty much any project you can throw at it. It also includes a 30-foot flexible hose, four nozzles, and is backed by Generac’s generous 3-year limited warranty.

ProsThe Good

The adjustable PowerDial allows you to adjust pressure based on the task at hand, whether you’re cleaning concrete, wood, vehicles, or even dispensing detergent. Included accessories such as the power broom allow you to clean floors faster than ever thanks to an array of high-pressure nozzles, while options like the soap blaster propel detergent farther than any competing unit. A generous fuel tank allows you to tackle bigger projects for longer, yet this unit is far lighter than competitors.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

The use of plastics throughout gives this machine a less-than-premium build quality, with some components even feeling flimsy. The placement of the detergent hose is less than ideal and may become excessively hot with prolonged use. While a lightweight machine is great for maneuverability, the power provided may cause the unit to vibrate while in use. This may cause components to loosen over time, and as such, you should carefully inspect your SpeedWash before usage.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

The main thing people love about their Generac SpeedWash 7122 is the array of accessories included, as well as its ability to handle a variety of other projects easily that may be a struggle for others. The adjustable dial is a welcome addition as well, as people can adjust their spray without needing to stop and swap nozzles.

Users have reported issues with Generac’s warranty system. While their customer support is responsive, people have reported difficulties getting service for their machines. Generac often requires customers to take their unit to an authorized service center for any repairs, which may be inconveniently distant for some.

Take a Look At These Alternative Models:
  • Generac 6882
    Generac 6882
    Price: Average

    While the Generac 6882 shares a number of similarities with the SpeedWash 7122, a lack of abundant accessories and slightly reduced output make the 6882 a budget-friendly alternative to the more premium model. The Generac 196cc OHV engine provides 2900 PSI of pressure at a rate of 2.4 GPM. In addition to the four included quick-change nozzles, the machine comes with an extra turbo nozzle for enhanced cleaning capability and soap blaster for greater detergent dispensing. CU Score: 6,960.

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7Budget-friendly and powerful
This budget-friendly pressure washer offers impressive cleaning capability.

The WEN PW3100 is a great price-conscious offering impressive performance for a variety of jobs around your house. Driven by a 208cc air-cooled 4-stroke engine, this powerhouse is capable of producing up to 3100 PSI of pressure at a rate of 2.5 GPM. It’s not too heavy for a gas-powered pressure washer, weighing only 67 pounds and featuring 12″ never-flat wheels for easier maneuverability.

It comes with five quick-connect nozzles, features a 32oz onboard detergent tank, and is backed by WEN’s 2-year limited warranty.

ProsThe Good

The biggest standout of the PW3100 is the performance offered for its price, being tough on dirt yet easy on your wallet. The included quick-connect nozzles allow you to adjust your sprayer based on whatever task you’re tackling. The device is fairly simple to assemble and get up and running, while the instruction manual is easy to follow. Another welcome standout is how responsive and helpful WEN’s customer support can be in comparison to competitors.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

The wheels could be sturdier. In their current state, the unit may vibrate while in use. Properly maintaining your oil is critical to operation, be sure to follow the manual carefully as using non-manufacturer recommended oil or improper changing may cause the O-rings not to seal properly. The unit features a manual choke that must be set before use, which may be confusing to new users or those coming from electric pressure washers.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

One of the biggest things people rave about when discussing their PW3100 is the performance offered for its price. People love how they’re able to tackle a variety of home cleaning projects thanks to its powerful pressure and included quick-change nozzles. Users also enjoy the ease of assembly and use provided as well, being fairly simple to assemble and run, with clear documentation provided.

Some users have reported problems with quality control, having defective or damaged units shipped to them. Additionally, some users have noticed excessive wear considering their usage of the device. Thankfully, WEN’s customer service is responsive and ready to repair or replace any unit under warranty.

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8Affordable yet compact cleaner
Affordable and compact, offering variable pressure adjustment.

The Stanley SXPW3124 is a compact washer that offers enhanced cleaning capability at an affordable price. The Stanley engine and OEM pump produce up to 3100 PSI of pressure at a rate of 2.4 GPM, delivering impressive results for its size. It features a welded steel-frame design for durability and corrosion resistance, as well as 12″ never-flat wheels for maneuverability and portability.

Stanley offers a 5-year limited warranty on the frame, a 2-year limited warranty on the engine, as well as a one-year limited warranty for the pump.

ProsThe Good

The 196cc Stanley Easy-Start overhead cam engine offers enhanced performance with the craftsmanship and backing of the trusted Stanley name. The maintenance-free OEM Technologies vertical axial cam pump provides enhanced reliability with hassle-free operation. The ergonomic spray gun delivers improved control with lasting comfort, while it’s adjustable pressure regulator paired with its four included nozzles allow you to tackle any task at hand. All of this packed into an affordable and compact cleaning machine.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

While oil is included with the washer, it only fills the reservoir to about half it’s required capacity, so be sure to have additional oil on hand to top off before starting. The handle doesn’t fold for enhanced storage capability or transporting. While it can be removed with tools, this can be a tedious task for some. Hoses may fall against the muffler while in use, so be mindful of their position while operating to help prevent damage.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

Users appreciate the variety offered by the adjustable pressure dial and quick-connect nozzles, allowing them to tackle pretty much any residential task as efficiently as possible. People also appreciate how quickly the Stanley engine starts up, generally within just one or two pulls.

Users have reported quality-control issues with either missing components, broken parts, or defective units. While Stanley is largely responsive and helpful for those under warranty, some users have reported difficulties reaching their support in the first place.

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9Affordable and Accessory-Packed
This machine balances affordability with accessories and power.

The Duromax XP3100PWT is a standout thanks to a notable blend of cleaning capability, abundant accessories, and affordability, all crammed into a compact and powerful machine. A powerful 208cc 7HP DuroMax engine feeds into a 3-piston axial cam brass head pump, producing 3100 PSI of pressure flowing at an impressive rate of 2.5 GPM.

It features six quick-connect nozzles for enhanced cleaning capability and performance, an onboard detergent tank, and is backed by a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

ProsThe Good

The variety of the 6 included quick-connect nozzles, featuring a soap applicator and turbo nozzle, are amazing accessories, especially considering the affordability of this machine. The welded hand-cart style frame offers enhanced durability, while 12″ never-flat all-terrain tires provide enhanced maneuverability. Onboard storage for the spray-gun, nozzles, and hose are a welcome addition as well. The design behind this unit features a more intuitive and forward-thinking design than some competitors.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

This machine may require a tedious amount of maintenance, such as needing to carefully monitor gas and oil levels to ensure smooth operation or needing to replace the air filter every 50 hours of use. The use of plastic throughout this model contrasts with the durability offered by the frame. In particular, the plastic wand, hose retainers, and plastic riveting that holds them into the machine can feel a bit cheap and even flimsy.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

People appreciate the ease of assembly out of the box, being able to piece the unit together with minimal time, tools, and effort. Ease of use is also appreciated as well, with the machine generally starting within 1-2 pulls and offering solid runtime. Another key point of enjoyment is the power produced by this machine, as well as the variety of included nozzles for various kinds of jobs.

Some people are not a fan of the use of plastic for the spray gun, giving a cheap feel to an otherwise commercial-performing machine. There have been issues with quality control, with users reporting damaged or defective units out of the box. People have reported issues receiving support and servicing as well.

More Info

10Excellent Power and Utility
Impressive Power With A Lengthy Hose.

This model from Briggs & Stratton is a fine example of quality American engineering and manufacturing. The CR950 OHV engine can produce a maximum 3400 PSI at a steady rate of 2.8 GPM. This powerful pressure washer is excellent at tackling tough outdoor jobs thanks to its commercial cleaning capability, yet is easily attainable for the average person thanks to its consumer-level cost.

ProsThe Good

This thing manages to pack much of the same utility offered by commercial-grade units, at a price affordable for consumers. It features a good range of nozzles for various cleaning jobs, decent onboard storage, multiple safety measures, and has been designed to prevent walking or rolling. The impressively long 30 foot high-pressure hose should help you tackle even the most hard-to-reach spaces and places.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

While the maintenance-free axial cam pump allows for low-effort starting, the lack of an electric starter in a modern machine is a bit of a downside. The lack of an integrated soap tank is a little disappointing as well. However, the features you’re getting with what you’re paying more than make up for these omissions.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

People love the power offered by this pressure washer, and how it makes tackling large scale cleaning projects far easier, saving them time in the process. Many customers are loyal to the Briggs & Stratton brand, having used their products for a number of years, and commend that continued quality carrying onto this machine.

There are reports of quality control issues with the pump, as well as oil leakage, although these issues should be able to be remedied at an authorized service center under warranty.

More Info

11Powerful Yet Affordable
Powerful And Affordable Commercial-Grade Consumer Washer.

TackLife Tools produces quality power tools and equipment, and the GSH01B pressure washer is a fine addition to their portfolio. It has been carefully crafted for intensive deep cleaning capability, particularly at removing stubborn dirt in domestic settings. It also features plenty of welcome traditional features, including an array of 5 separate quick-connect nozzles. Their impressive 4-stroke 173cc OHV engine pumps 2.4 GPM and produces a maximum pressure of 3200 PSI.

ProsThe Good

This versatile gas pressure washer is well-suited for large-scale effective deep cleaning, with an impressive max output of 3200 PSI you’re able to handle almost any domestic project you can come up with. A hefty 0.8 gallon detergent tank helps provide the additional boost of long-lasting cleaning power you need when dealing with large-scale projects. The upright cart design combined with massive wheels make moving and setting up easier than ever.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

A lack of dedicated onboard storage is a bit disappointing considering the otherwise solid list of features. The pump inlet does not have the best design, and you may struggle a bit managing to actually attach your garden hose to it. While not the biggest of issues, you are strongly advised to only use SAE 10W-30, and to strictly avoid any fuels containing more than 10% ethanol.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

People are in love with the performance delivered at the price offered, noting the tremendous value of this option. People also praise the ease of assembly, requiring nothing more than a screwdriver and only a bit of your time. Many customers are also impressed with the hefty 0.8 gallon detergent tank, helping them tackle large jobs in a single shot.

Some customers have reported quality control issues, with components rapidly failing or being outright broken out of the box.

More Info
Alex Woodward - Power Washers Expert
Yes, gas-powered pressure washers are more expensive than electric. But for power, durability, and heavy-duty usage, they can’t be beat. Prices are better nowadays than they used to be, however. You can get a strong residential gas power washer for the price of a medium-duty electric washer easily.
Pressure Washer Expert

You’ll notice that gas pressure washers are also a lot heavier than electric. But that’s due to the added weight of the engines, which weigh at least 25 pounds on most models. They’re also bigger so they can support the engine and gas tank.

Buy only what you need

When looking at all the numbers in the specs, keep these in mind:

  • PSI – pressure per square inch (how strong the spray is)
  • GPM – gallons per minute (how much water is used)
  • CU – cleaning power units = PSI x GPM. For example 3200 PSI x 2.5 GPM = 8000 CU
Super powerful pressure washer
The bigger the CU score, the more powerful the machine. But you don’t always need the most powerful machine. Yes, the Tim Allen types are all grunting right about now, but it’s true.

Look for the machine that will get the job done most efficiently for whatever surfaces you have to clean. They all have different features that will help you in one way or another. For instance:

  • If you’re tall – look for washers with fold-down handles that will extend far enough so you don’t have to bend over every time you move the machine. Folding handles also make for easy storage.
  • If you have back trouble – look for a lightweight machine. Remember that adding gas, water, and oil will increase the listed weight.
  • If you have many kinds of surfaces to clean – look for machines with several different nozzles, adjustable pressure, and attachments included.

A note about warranties

You should pay attention to warranty rules.

Most gas pressure washers will come with a 2-year limited warranty. This is usually just for the engine. Other parts like the pump and accessories can have widely-varying warranties, from 1 year to just 90 days.

And the “limited” part means they guarantee the machine is “free from manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship.” This basically leaves it in the hands of the service rep to decide whether the defect is the manufacturer’s fault or yours.

Some companies are surprisingly generous in handling these issues. WEN is one of those. Other manufacturers like Simpson, for instance, can be hit or miss. Always contact the retailer first if you have any issues. They’ll often accept returns a lot quicker.

Helpful tips and tricks to keep your Pressure Washer going strong

Gas Powered Pressure Washer Cleaning Tips

When we researched customer experiences, we gathered up a lot of useful real-world tips for troubleshooting problems that may arise with your pressure washer. You’re investing a good chunk of change on this machine. So take care of it, and it will take care of you. We’re listing some good troubleshooting tips below for your reference.

You may already know everything but read the manual, seriously.
  1. READ THE MANUAL – This should go without saying, but then those Tim Allen types… seriously, just read through the manual over your morning coffee and highlight important info so you know what’s what.
  2. Oil leaking during shipping – This seemed to be a common problem with several machines. Oil can leak and soak into air filters which will choke out the engine if you try to start it. Check your air filter upon arrival. If it’s soaked with oil, wash the filter with Purple Power. Let it dry, then replace and see if it will start.
  3. Fittings & other connections loose – Check all these before start up. Tighten anything that’s loose but do NOT overtighten or you could crack the housing or strip the bolts.
  4. Prime the pump – Air trapped in hoses can damage the pump. Let the water run through it for at least 30 seconds (even a couple minutes) before you start spraying. If you have longer hoses, it can take longer to get primed.
  5. Everyone could change the oil in the engine of the gas pressure washer.
    Post-op care – When you’re finished (especially after long jobs), don’t just turn off the machine and stick it in the garage. Take some time to do a little maintenance. Take the pump hose off and inject some pump saver to protect the inner workings of the pump. You just attach it on the inlet side and spray the can until it comes out the high-pressure hose side. It will prolong the life of your pump big time.
  6. Change that oil – After every 10 to 20 hours of use (more frequently for new machines), change both the engine and pump oil. New machines can have loose metal shavings that will come off in the oil, and you don’t want too many accumulating and running through the engine.
  7. Use the right oil – Normal 30W oil sold for automobiles can be bad for pressure washers. You need small, air-cooled engine oil, so make sure you’re using the right thing and not just grabbing whatever you put in your truck. Always use the oil recommended in the manual.
  8. Man washing building with extension wand.
    Think about extensions – Wand extenders and longer (~50’) hoses are great for reaching those upper stories and gutters. They keep you off ladders and keep you from having to move the machine around so often. If you’re tall, a wand extension can really save your back when working on ground level surfaces.
  9. Do you have big hands? – Sometimes it can be hard to fit your hands in to detach the hoses from the machine with everything in tight quarters. Try putting on a quick disconnect adapter so it’s easier to detach.
  10. Don’t over tighten anything – We said this in #3, but just don’t. If you overtighten the inlet hose to the washer, for instance, you’ll probably have leaks. Remember, stronger isn’t always better!
  11. Finesse the choke – Many machines have manual chokes that need a little finessing before you use the pull-start. After you pull once or twice, move the choke lever a little bit, then pull again. Repeat if necessary.
  12. Man uses the gas pressure washer for cleaning.
    Be mindful of hoses when moving the washer – If they’re long and tend to get in the way, hold both inlet and high-pressure hoses near the washer handle when you’re moving the machine. This will prevent running over hoses or getting them tangled.
  13. Make sure your nozzles are securely attached – Many people have popped a nozzle onto their wand, pulled the spray trigger, and wheeeeee – the nozzle flew across the yard, never to be seen again. This is a real challenge if you lose a green tip in your green grass. So be sure the nozzles are firmly on before you start spraying.

Winterize that baby


For those of you who have cold winters, you must winterize your gas pressure washer before storing it so you’ll be able to start it again come spring. To do this, follow your owner’s manual instructions. Basically, you’ll be filling the pump and internal tubing system with RV-type antifreeze. If storing for over a month, drain the gas from the fuel tank as well.

Here’s a handy video to show you how: How to winterize a pressure washer.

With proper usage and routine maintenance, gas-powered pressure washers can easily last you several years without any major issues. The machines on this list are built to last, and will easily do so with the right care.

Get Your New Gas-Powered Pressure Washer Today

As you can see, for those looking for a gas power washer of their own for their home, there are plenty of incredible options available on the market today. Whether you’re looking for the top-of-the-line, such as the Simpson Cleaning ALH3425, or something more budget-friendly, like the Stanley SXPW3, there’s a perfect pick for you and your home.

Man cleans stairs and sidewalk of his home
Gas-powered pressure washer is an excellent investment

Gas power washers are an excellent investment in yourself, your time, and your home by making maintaining your property easier than ever. With any models outlined on this list, you’re sure to be set with a high-quality gas powered pressure washer that’s built to last for many years to come.

Be sure to check back often for additional reviews, news, tips, and advice. You can also follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and add our Youtube channel for even more from the Cleanup Expert!

Alex Woodward
Alex owns a home improvement and restoration company in Vancouver. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Saskatchewan Polytechnic and is a NARI Certified Remodeler. His team does a wide range of home restoration products, both interior and exterior.
image description Comments
March 17, 2021 at 4:43 pm

I need a pressure washer for maintenance man to clean several outdoor wooden staircases on older 3 story brick buildings, but I am not sure how much pressure is enough or too much, and whether a gas or electric model is best. I do not want to damage the stairs or the mortar holding the bricks in place with too much pressure, be too cumbersome to move from building to building, or disturb residents or their pets with excessive noise. But the machine would need to be able to clean 9 or 10 staircases once or twice over the course of the summer

Candace N.
March 12, 2021 at 1:21 pm

Can I use a gas-powered pressure washer inside my home?

Kevin (Cleanup.Expert Team)
March 14, 2021 at 10:28 am

Generally, gas-powered pressure washers are best-suited to challenging outdoor tasks such as cleaning grout, tough to remove tree sap, and even mineral buildup. While professional contractors may use gas-powered pressure washers in the home, homeowners need to be aware of manufacturer guidance and other safety considerations. However, if you feel confident in your abilities to get an excellent clean while staying safe, this is a good option for the tougher messes in your home.

Wendell Elam
September 30, 2020 at 6:54 pm

Which pressure washer would you recommend for reaching second and third story siding?

May 14, 2020 at 12:42 pm

Hi. I had a Devilbliss pressure washer, 5hp gas 2200 psi. I loaned it to a friend who said it got stolen. This pressure washer was so easy for me to start on the first pull. I loved it. Now I have to replace it and would like something comparable. I like that it had a Honda engine and 5 hose tips. I am struggling after a couple months of research. Can you give me some advice??

Kevin (Cleanup.Expert Team)
May 18, 2020 at 8:25 am

Hello Bobbi, sorry you’ve had trouble finding the right replacement. If you’re looking for something that is basically just an upgrade on what you had, try the Simpson Cleaning PS3228. This incredible device has offers a Honda engine and 2200 psi, along with 6.5hp. It also offers 2.5gpm and five quick change nozzles. While a bit pricy, you won’t ever be disappointed in the performance from a quality machine like the Simpson PS3228.

Brian Acosta
February 11, 2020 at 8:19 pm

We live near Phoenix, where the temperatures rarely get close to freezing. Is it really necessary to winterize our pressure washer?

Kevin (Cleanup.Expert Team)
February 13, 2020 at 8:48 am

We live near Phoenix, where the temperatures rarely get close to freezing. Is it really necessary to winterize our pressure washer? (POSTED)

Answer: Since you’re in a warm climate, you don’t have to worry about freeze damage. However, if you’re not going to be using the pressure washer for several weeks, you should still go through the steps to “winterize” it, just to protect all the seals, hoses, and inner workings from dry rot, mildew, and deterioration.

It’s really not difficult, even for gas pressure washers, and can save you money so you don’t have to buy replacement parts or replace an entire unit every year. Check out our handy guide here:

September 19, 2019 at 2:55 am

We’ve avoided pressure washers for years, but hiring out is so dang expensive now and our siding is just awful. Ever since I googled “pressure washer injuries,” – not for the faint of heart – I’m scared I might do something wrong and cause damage. Is pressure washing my home myself too dangerous?

James (Cleanup.Expert Team)
September 19, 2019 at 8:22 am

We just googled that – you’re right. *shudder* Injuries from pressure washers are no joke. They can do serious damage, even to the point of severing fingers and toes. And they can also damage surfaces.

But, just like any other lawn and garden machine (hello, lawnmower), when used carefully as directed in the owner’s manual and with the proper safety precautions, you’re no more likely to hurt yourself with a power washer than you are a lawnmower.

We’ve written a detailed user guide with lots of safety info. There are lots of videos on YouTube to show you proper operation techniques as well. Biggest things to remember – closed toe shoes, goggles, long pants, NO ladders, and never, ever aim the spray at any person or pet. Do your research, find a quality machine, and use it safely! Good luck!

Brian Moore
September 17, 2019 at 8:43 am

We live just north of New Orleans, where winters rarely get below the mid-40s in temp. Do I still need to winterize my gas power washer? I keep it in the attached garage where it never gets that cold.

James (Cleanup.Expert Team)
September 17, 2019 at 1:44 pm

Well, the answer is probably yes. Winterizing a pressure washer isn’t just for winter. If you’re not going to use it for 30 days or more, leaving it sit with any water and detergent in the lines can rust the inner workings, build up mildew, and damage seals.

Also, even in New Orleans, you could experience a freak cold spell or ice storm in winter. That could mean your home might lose power, and suddenly that warm garage isn’t so warm anymore. So to protect from possible freezing conditions, we definitely recommend that you winterize your power washer.

Fear not, though. It’s not as hard as you think. It’s a few minutes, tops. Watch this video to see how it’s done.

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