Learn How To Clean Windows More Effectively With A Bit Of Always-helpful Advice From The Cleanup Expert!

updated: March 26, 2021

Is there anything better than a streak-free shine on the glass throughout your home? There’s something so alluring about that shimmering sheen, glistening like diamonds bathing in sunlight.

A young woman cleans the window.
Achieving crystal clear windows isn’t as hard as you may think.

Thankfully, achieving this form of pristine clean isn’t as hard as you may think. With the proper technique, a bit of elbow grease, and the right supplies by your side, you too can have crystal clear glass of your own.

This week, we give you some great tips and tricks to freshen up the glass surfaces in your home. It’s a great spring cleaning project and a simple way to help bring some natural sunlight and a bit of extra life into your home.

Bucket of supplies for window cleaning.

Proper Planning

Are you familiar with the saying, “proper preparation prevents poor performance”? Well, if not, then you should. Preparing yourself properly to get situated into your cleaning routine is one of the most straightforward ways to help ease the headaches and hangups that come with tough tidying-up.

An essential first step to take is to have the right products and supplies to help you through the process. You may be wondering, “but where do I even begin?” Well, worry not; we’re here to help guide you through every step of the process.

Right Supplies

Windex glass cleaner.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with commercial-grade detergents and cleaners. For tough cleanup jobs and specific tasks, they can be the perfect partner or the exact fix you need to take care of it. However, for general maintenance and cleaning, using these products exclusively may unnecessarily expose you to potentially caustic and harmful chemicals.

Windex and other streak-free chemical cleaners are great for excessive messes, but what we’ve found works best is something a little more akin to what your grandmother may have used to shine up her own home. By combining two parts water to one part vinegar, you can quickly and easily create your own food-safe cleaning solution! This simple mix leaves a streak-free shine, every time.

A man cleans the window with a paper towel.

Now you may be wondering what works best for wiping your solution away. Some people are staunch advocates of paper towels, others stick to reusable rags and other cloths, and some people even recommend using more advanced tools such as microfiber cloths and squeegees. So which is best? Well, the answer is a bit more complicated than you may think.

Like most things in life, circumstance and nuance all play their part, and different items may be better at handling different kinds of cleanup jobs. Depending on how dirty your windows are, whether you’re cleaning the inside or outside of them, and even the time of day you choose to clean all play a part in dictating the types of tools you may need to use.

Good Technique

As mentioned, the proper cleaning technique depends more on the situation at hand than anything else. To help you out, we’re going to break down some of the more essential tips between indoor and outdoor window cleaning or the basics of what you’re trying to do.

A woman cleans the window by spraying a glass cleaning solution and wiping it with a microfiber cloth.

Don’t forget that time of day comes into play when it comes to cleaning your windows. Depending on where you are in the world and the time you decide to clean can all play a part in how easy it will be for you to tackle the tough task of getting your windows shining.

We recommend a light spray down with either a spray water bottle or a gentle misting from a garden hose for thorough outdoor window cleaning. You want to break up and moisten any exterior dirt to help make cleaning just a little bit easier.

After you’ve gotten any extra dirt broken down, tackle it with either an old towel, or preferably a squeegee to wipe away that excess debris. Ensure that you’re utilizing good form if using a squeegee to get the deepest clean possible; start by going horizontally along the top of the glass, and then use vertical overlapping strokes to remove any excess water.

Once you’ve gotten the exterior relatively clean, treat it similarly to how you would hit the interior for a streak-free sheen. Using a homemade diluted vinegar mixture or a commercial window cleaner, lightly spray down your surface and wipe down with a lint-free microfiber cloth.

Window cleaning robot at work.

Now for proper indoor window cleaning, there’s a little bit of extra care and attention involved, but the steps outlined above remain roughly the same. If the interior of your window is excessively messy, consider an initial spray down with some water to help break down some of that built-up dirt, grime, and debris.

After you cleared away any tough buildup, feel free to go at it with your vinegar solution or commercial cleaner and follow-up with a lint-free microfiber cloth to achieve that gorgeous streak-free shine you strive for.

Now, there are some products available out there that claim to provide a sustained streak-free shine. Often these products are made with potentially caustic and even possibly carcinogenic chemicals, which you may not want to introduce into your home. We personally can’t speak to their overall efficacy, as we find that simply periodically staying on top of your cleaning routine is an easy way to maintain that streakless sheen.

Of course, life is ultimately complicated, and it can often seem like there’s less time than ever before. When trying to maintain a clean home in the modern era, accessory cleaning appliances are among the most significant breakthroughs to gain prominence in the new millennium. Devices such as a window cleaning robot are a remarkable way to break up the monotony of maintenance in our day-to-day routines, making cleanup a breeze and freeing you up to enjoy your life.

Final Thoughts

Woman cleaning window.
With a bit of time and understanding, you can quickly become a captain of cleanliness.

No matter your cleaning product, tool, or method, there are plenty of simple and straightforward ways for you to have spotless shimmer surfaces on all of the glass in your home. Whether you choose to elevate your cleaning routine or want to supplant it entirely by getting an automated appliance to assist you, it’s easier than you think to maintain a spotless home.

With a bit of time and understanding, you can quickly become a captain of cleanliness in your compound. Regardless of your preferences and what works best for you, we hope that you’ve learned something useful to help you improve. Be sure to check back often for the latest tips, tricks, and advice to help you maintain a cleaner home!

Melba Espinal
Melba Espinal is a proud mother and self-professed “neat-freak.” She started a successful cleaning service to earn money while obtaining her degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Washington. After growing the business from a part-time job to a full operation with a fleet of vehicles and a team of employees, she now focuses on helping homeowners with her expert tips and advice!
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