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Sick Of Scrubbing Windows By Hand? Looking For The Potentially Best Robotic Window Cleaner Of 2023? Learn How The Mamibot W120-T Can Make Your Life Simpler In Our Cleanup Expert Review

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Mamibot has continued to be at the forefront of the small-yet-growing window cleaning robot industry, thanks in large part due to the big buzz the Mamiboy W120-T, also known as the iGLASSBOT, has been generating as of late. This little powerhouse cleaner offers premium performance and features, yet remains competitively priced, making it a true standout in the market today.

Mamibot W120-T cleaning a window.
Mamibot W120-T offers premium performance and features

The W120-T features intelligent pathing, deeper cleaning, easy operation, and an array of safety features to keep your machine, and home, protected. But is it the right choice for you and your home? Let’s go over the good, the bad, and everything in-between in this brief yet in-depth breakdown.


  • Multiple Cleaning Paths Ensure Deeper Cleaning;
  • Multiple Safety Features Protect Your Device And Home;
  • Square Shape Ensures More Complete Coverage;
  • Ease-Of-Use Makes Operating A Breeze.

Box content of the Mamibot W-120T.

Unboxing The Mamibot W120-T

Out of the box, you get your iGLASSBOT W120-T, a power supply, power cable, and safety rope, alongside a remote control with included batteries, user manual, and pairs of wet and dry microfiber cloths. It’s worth noting that cleaning fluid is not included, so be sure you have some or to buy some alongside your purchase.

After you’ve plugged the unit in, secured it with the safety rope, and attached a microfiber cloth spritzed with cleaning fluid to the bottom of the unit; you can start it up using an onboard button or the included remote.

Using The Mamibot W120-T

Included remote and an iGLASSBOT app are the most powerful ways to control the robot.

However, for the greatest array of functionality and control, we recommend installing the iGLASSBOT app. From there you can start and stop cleaning, manually control the robot, and even cycle through cleaning modes to find which works best for your windows.

The W120-T is quite responsive to commands, getting up and running quickly to rapidly clean the various surfaces in your home. Thanks to its intelligent pressure sensors, the unit is able to stay safely attached to your window throughout operation, and even has an emergency mode as backup in the event of power failure.

UPS and a safety rope are the major safety features of the W120-T

That’s right, in the event of a power outage or even if someone accidentally unplugging the machine, a built-in UPS battery will maintain suction for up to 20 minutes. During this time, it emits an audible beeping noise to alert you to the power disruption, allowing you to safely remove the unit or reconnect power.

The device utilizes Z, N, and even Z-to-N cleaning patterns, offering a greater variety of options and a more comprehensive clean than many competing machines. In addition, you can also manually operate the robot through either the remote or iGLASSBOT app to help tackle tricker spots on those odd-shaped windows.

As with any robotic window cleaning robot, or any robotic cleaning assistant, we advise manually cleaning the surfaces before initial use, especially if they are heavily soiled. Window cleaning robots are not designed to completely replace manual cleaning, only to make it much simpler and to ensure you have to do it less often.

Why People Love The Mamibot W120-T


There are plenty of reasons people love The Mamibot W120-T, with the standout compliments being just how well it cleans, and the surface area it can manage to clean in a single cycle. People rave about how well this machine manages to clean taller windows, and how well it can get into tougher-to-clean spaces too.

In general, people love how this machine complements their current cleaning routine, allowing them to clean their windows less frequently or only when there is a mighty mess to deal with.

Why People Dislike The Mamibot W120-T


There are some sporadic complaints about how the Mamibot W120-T may have difficulty cleaning heavily stained windows, which is common in the market as these machines were never designed to completely replace manual deep-cleaning, only complement and help.

Additionally, this model may struggle on windows with small borders that it can’t detect and avoid, as some have reported it detaching after dislodging because of that.

Is The Mamibot W120-T Right For Me

Finding the right window cleaning robot for your home can often be a daunting process. Trying to do your due diligence and conduct proper research can be quite time consuming, and the entire point in attempting to invest in a robotic cleaning assistant is to save time!

Thankfully, as always, the Cleanup Experts are here to help. You can compare this rating and more on our extensive window cleaning robots reviews page, filled with a variety of ratings and reviews for you to peruse.

Mamibot W120-T cleans the dirty window.
Mamibot W120-T offers an incredible balance of features and pricing

After extensive testing and reviewing, I can wholeheartedly recommend the W120-T for a vast majority of homeowners, especially those looking to invest in their first window cleaning robot. It offers an incredible balance of features and pricing, managing to stand out as a premium model without breaking the bank.

Is it the right choice for yourself? Well only you can answer that, but if you’re in the market for a high-end home window cleaning robot, but would rather not pay that high-end price, the Mamibot W120-T is an excellent option for you.

Stephen A. Hancock received his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Robotics Track) from University of Utah in 2004. Since then, he’s contributed to numerous articles and has been a consultant for many technical publications and websites.

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i have this cleaning robot it wiil refuse to start cleaning.vacumm is ok but it will not drive?
any suggestions?

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