Robot Mop Icon The Very Best Robot Vacuum and Mop combos of 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

updated: November 16, 2021
Roborock S7 mops the laminate floor in the bedroom.
Roborock S7 – Our choice

Who doesn’t want to automate cleaning, especially mopping? Before you rush out to buy the best robot mop on the market, you’ll want to browse our 2021 reviews of the top sellers. Not all mopping robots are created equal. They’re also not quite as advanced as robotic vacuums — yet, although they are continuously being innovated and improved upon. Even the best robot mops have some growing to do with features and performance, but they’re getting there fast.

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What kind of robot mop options are available

You essentially have three robot mop options available on the market rated by efficiency and price:

    Robot mop cleans the laminate floor
  1. Buy a Robot Mop and Vacuum Hybrid – These are also known as two-in-one machines. Multi-taskers are hit or miss when it comes to home appliances. They’re often jacks of all trades, but masters of none. Certainly, hybrids have come a long way and continue to do so. Some of them are impressive performers, such as the Roborock S6 MaxV model, for example.
  2. These models’ mopping performance is somewhat limited since they typically only use a small water tank that supplies a slow water drip to a microfiber cloth with no scrubbing action. This is similar to a simple pass with a spray mop, and won’t be as effective for stuck-on stains or scuffs.

  3. Buy a Single Function Robot Mop – Maybe you already have a robot vacuum or prefer to vacuum manually. Whatever the reason, if you’d rather just have a robot with a wet mopping function, you should look at the iRobot Braava Jet m6 model.
  4. Braava Jet m6 cleans the stains on the hardwood floor.
    Single-function robot mop is likely to provide a better cleaning

    The entire design of a single function appliance is dedicated to that one job, so a robot mop can concentrate all its energy on wet mopping your floor. These models usually spray water directly on the floor to soften up dirt and stains while using some form of agitation to scrub the spot. This means it’s likely to provide a more thorough cleaning.

    Cleaning duo of a robot vacuum and a robot mop.
  5. Buy a cleaning duo – This means getting both a robot mop plus a separate robot vacuum that work together. We think this is the most efficient but also the most expensive option. The best example of such a dynamic duo is the iRobot Roomba i7+ and Braava Jet m6 model.
  6. These two devices sync to one another so that when the vacuum is done with its cycle, the mop then sets out to clean the freshly-swept hard floors. Right now, iRobot has cornered the market on these pairings, but we have no doubt other manufacturers will soon step up with their own combos.

Stephen A. Hancock - Cleaning Expert
Below you will find a full rating table we created after thorough analysis of the features and performance of top-selling models from highly respected brands. In this table, we based the ratings first on mopping performance, then on all other functions such as vacuuming. For more sophisticated and thorough vacuuming power, we encourage you to explore our list of the top-performing robotic vacuum cleaners.
Robotics Expert

No matter what option you choose, though, you’re making an intelligent investment in yourself, your time, and your home.

Robotic mops are a great addition and an amazing compliment to anyone’s collection of cleaning tools. However, it’s important to remember that while they are incredibly effective and so useful at helping make your cleaning routine easier, they are not a total replacement for periodic deep manual cleaning.

Maintaining Your Home

The beauty of these innovative machines is that they will take what was once a near-daily task and turn it into something you only need to worry about periodically, and that’s only if you want to keep your home completely spotless. But the days of worrying about needing to mop up every drop spilled on your floor will be a thing of the past once you invest in a robot mop!

A robot mop, regular mop head and the thumbs-up hand of the cleaner
Robots made manual daily mopping a thing of the past

Personally, to maintain a spotless home, we recommend keeping a bi-monthly cleaning routine to maintain a pristine home. Of course, this all depends on your own home and how much is happening within it. A large family in a big home with many people eating, drinking, and living in the same space may need more attention than a small apartment with one person living in it.

Thankfully, with the careful, consistent help of your robotic mop, these periodic cleans will be easier than ever.



Top-Performing Robot Mop Reviews of 2021

1The Top Vacuuming Mop
The True Premium Hybrid Deep-Cleaning Machine.

The Roborock S7 hybrid robot vacuum and mop is an impressive clean machine, featuring sonic mopping technology, powerful 2500PA of maximum suction, and an array of intelligent mapping and navigational features that result in deeper and more thorough cleaning for your whole home.

It can seamlessly navigate between flooring and carpeting, meaning no more wet rugs, and manages to impressively clean each independently. A peak runtime of up to three hours means the S7 can easily clean more of your home.

ProsThe Good

Sonic mopping, using vibration as an additional form of agitation rather than simply dragging a cloth, offers impressive performance and results over even standalone units. Additionally, 2500PA of suction paired with a floating directional brush means this thing can clean carpeting and flooring deeper than before.

LIDAR navigation and multi-floor mapping result in a much deeper and more thorough cleaning than previous Roborock offerings and competing machines. It’s not a complete replacement for traditional manual mopping or vacuuming, but it’s the closest we’ve seen yet when it comes to hybrid robots.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

While more impressive than many other hybrids we’ve tested and researched, its performance on carpeting can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the pile. Shaggy carpets may need multiple passes that dedicated vacuums should be able to readily tackle. You may see better results by manually controlling the robot on these surfaces.

The UI of the app isn’t the greatest to navigate around and could use a few quality-of-life improvements, although thankfully this can be easily remedied in future updates.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

People love the performance this machine offers, proving to be a valuable addition to the cleaning routine for many of its users. They love how well the Roborock S7 manages to vacuum and mop for a hybrid robot, especially for many upgrading from older, less feature-packed units.

As mentioned, users with complicated carpeting have some comments about the S7. Furthermore, people have had varying experiences with Roborock’s support depending on the state of their warranty when they reached out.

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2Smartest AI Vacuum Robot
Intelligent ReactiveAI robot with precision navigation and long-lasting battery.

Roborock S6 MaxV Robot Mop and Vacuum can detect small obstacles using its twin camera’s ReactiveAI technology. The three-hour battery life of this device sets it apart from other vacuum robots in its category. The Roborock S6 comes with a moping water tank of 297 ml capacity, and as a vacuum, it generates a Hyper Suction Force of 2500 pa. Not only that, but the navigation, routing, and mapping capabilities of this device are top-quality.

ProsThe Good

High-Precision LiDar Navigation allows the Roborock S6 MaxV to precisely map a cleaning area for future operations. It features two cameras that provide this device true vision for efficiently detecting and avoiding any obstacles in its path. The Robot offers 2500 Pa of suction capabilities, which is 25% higher than the previous model and can be easily controlled via voice or app commands. The three-hour battery time of this vacuum robot also provides it an edge over other machines in its category.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

Firmware updates are essential for any device, and the same is true for the Roborock S6 MaxV. That said, these updates can be a little time- consuming and bothersome until configured correctly. Another downside some users have experienced is issues with the main brush getting stuck, though this issue seems fairly uncommon. However, others have noted the S6 MaxV has trouble with darker color carpets, so be cautious if all your floors are dark.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

Customers find this robot vacuum to be more technologically advanced and efficient when compared to other big names in the market. The mapping capabilities of this device are fast and to the point. Others love how the ReactiveAI technology allows the S6 MaxV to operate smoothly and avoid all obstacles. Many noted how good it was at building an internal model of the house without needing to be babysat.

Take a Look At These Alternative Models:
  • Roborock S6 Robot Mop and Vacuum
    Roborock S6
    Price: High

    The Roborock S6 is an upgrade from Roborock’s popular S5 model. This design packs in some powerful smart tech improvements and performance. It’s quite similar to the powerful S6 MaxV, only lacking some of the power and functionality, such as less suction and less wattage. Aesthetically, it’s still the same barebones white, black, or rose gold and the same dimensions. It comes with a compact charging dock, extra filters, brush cleaning tool, 5 disposable and 2 reusable mop cloths, and a brush cleaning tool. Read more >

  • Roborock S5 Robot Mop and Vacuum
    Roborock S5
    Price: High

    The Roborock S5 is cheaper and more basic than the S6, but still a worthy competitor for higher-priced brands. It acts as both a robot mop and vacuum, with 4 vacuum modes plus a versatile app with mapping that includes cleaning zones and virtual barriers. It can save up to 3 floor plans. The carpet boost function automatically adjusts suction for different flooring types. Unlike the S6, it doesn’t have Alexa or Google voice control, nor can you select individual rooms and zones. Read more >

More Info

3Multi-Surface and Multi-Function Cleaning
Redefining hard surface to carpet cleaning using innovative artificial intelligence.

The Coredy R750 robotic vacuum cleaner combines smart technology with quality components to deliver an impressive multi-surface cleaning experience. With an upgraded washable HEPA-style filter, it captures a range of dust and particles that make it a solid option for homes with pets. The R750’s dual hall sensors can detect boundary strips to only clean predefined areas. Meanwhile, the Coredy R750’s delivers super-deep cleaning capability thanks to the notable 1600Pa vacuum that increases to a whopping 2000Pa when in boost mode.

ProsThe Good

The Coredy R750 Robotic Cleaner is engineered to intelligently clean both carpet and hard surface areas. The R750’s included smartphone app is excellent, allowing you to create a schedule as well as set the current cleaning mode. With an impressive 2600mAh Li-ion battery, the Coredy robotic vacuum can clean your home or office for up to 120 minutes per charge.

This model has been upgraded with cutting-edge anti-collision technology that helps the R750 to evade obstacles. It is also equipped with a drop- sensing technology that allows it to avoid falls.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

The Coredy R750 doesn’t perform well when vacuuming thick carpeting, and may become stuck. Though its 1600 Pa of suction power is impressive for a vacuum of this size, it may have issues loosening up dirt and grime within dense surfaces.

It is also important to note that this is a model of robotic vacuum that may encounter issues navigating darker surfaces. Additionally, because of its size, the dustbin fills up quickly compared to larger vacuums.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

Many customers love the impressive multi-functionality of the Coredy R750 Vacuum cleaner, with the ability to vacuum and mop as needed. Other customers appreciate the included remote and voice-enabled app that provide total control over your cleaning experience.

Some people reported issues working on black carpets, due to a malfunction of the sensor. However, most customers love the Coredy R750’s virtual boundary system, which stops it colliding into walls, appliances, or dropping from elevated platforms.

More Info

4Highly Capable Robotic Cleaner
Advanced navigation and versatile technology packed into a simple package.

The Braava Jet m6 is an extensively upgraded version of the previous Jet 240. It has a sleek and simple design, but don’t let that fool you. It proudly features several smart features that offer advanced cleaning ability and functionality. Included with your robot are 2 disposable wet mopping pads, 2 disposable dry-mopping pads, and a sample-sized bottle of cleaning solution.

ProsThe Good

Operation is amazingly versatile with the iRobot HOME App. It also responds to voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant. iRobot’s patented iAdapt 3.0 Navigation allows the m6 to map your home and avoid obstacles and walls. It also pairs with the Roomba i7 or S9.

Precision jet spray ensures water goes where you want it rather than spraying all over the furniture, cabinets, and walls. The m6 usually avoids rugs and carpet, but for further protection, you can set Keep Out Zones to prevent the mop from spraying pet beds, shoes, etc.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

The m6 is expensive compared to other brands. You’ll also need to purchase more pads since it only comes with 2 disposable wet and dry pads. Washable pads are available, but they’re also expensive. Those pads are gray, though, so it’s hard to see how much dirt it’s picked up.

If you have dark or wood floors, the M6 may leave visible tire marks behind. Battery life is pretty short at 30 – 60 minutes depending on mode, but it does return to the dock automatically to recharge.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

Customers love that they can program the robot to mop only certain rooms. They love that it knows which pad is on it so it won’t get a floor wet if you only want dry mopping and that it returns to the charging dock on its own.

One big complaint is that the M6 has trouble moving over thresholds higher than 3mm. Some customers noted that the cleaning solution isn’t good for wood floors and leaves tire marks on darker floors.

Take a Look At These Alternative Models
  • iRobot Braava 380t
    iRobot Braava 380t
    Price: Average

    This 2-in-1 robot offers the best of both worlds, delivering both wet mopping and dry sweeping capability. It’s a very economical option that helps ease your daily cleaning routine utilizing advanced Northstar navigation technology to cover a wide surface area.

    While it’s a jack of all trades, it’s ultimately a master of none. The 380t makes a great addition to your home-cleaning arsenal, but isn’t replacing manual cleaning or more premium robotic mops anytime soon. Read more >

  • iRobot Braava Jet 240
    iRobot Braava Jet 240
    Price: Low

    Another economical offering from iRobot, the Braava 240 is a great option for helping you clean and maintain smaller spaces. While it doesn’t cover as wide of a surface area as the 380t, it offers an array of cleaning modes and delivers solid cleaning performance.

    It does have some difficulty tackling heavier stains, so it’s not a replacement for manual mopping. Given the lower surface area and cleaning performance, it makes a great option as a compliment to helping you maintain an apartment or small home. Read more >

  • iRobot Roomba s9+ and iRobot Braava Jet M6 combo
    iRobot Roomba s9+ and iRobot Braava Jet M6 combo
    Price: High

    Through the iRobot app and a new feature called Imprint Link Technology, the Roomba s9 and Braava Jet m6 are able work in sequence. Once the vacuum is done and back on the dock, it sends a signal to the mop, which then sets out and cleans the freshly swept hard floors.

    The s9 is self-emptying and nearly hands-free, while the m6 is the most advanced robot mop on the market. Both robots save you time with top notch navigation that lets them cover a lot of ground on one charge. Read more >

More Info

5Solid Economical Hybrid
Economical hybrid cleaning machine with solid performance.

While the Cybovac E31 from Kyvol is one of the more economical offerings on this list, it’s still packed with a variety of smart features often seen in only more premium models. It features multiple sensors for intelligent pathfinding and collision detection, comes with the robust Kyvol app, and is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. All of this is packed into a sleek and slim 2.85” body that can easily glide under most furniture without getting stuck.

ProsThe Good

The Cybovac E31 was built with hybrid functionality in mind. It offers a generous 600ml dustbin with a 300ml water tank, allowing it to clean more with you emptying and refilling it less.

With 2200Pa of suction it’s able to tackle messes many hybrid robots can’t, and the vacuum is surprisingly quiet considering its power. The added functionality through the Kyvol app and smart assistant integration is always a welcome addition.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

While the Kyvol app offers additional functionality, the app does lack some basic features found in competing models, such as the ability to establish virtual no-go zones. Additionally, you can not update or delete the map generated by the robot within the app.

There are occasional navigational issues as well, with the robot occasionally becoming stuck or having difficulty finding its base to recharge.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

People love the straightforward operation of both the robot itself and the included app. Many users love how it compliments their cleaning routine, and how it helps make maintaining your home even easier. The generous 600ml dustbin paired with the lengthy 150-minute runtime are well-loved, as the robot is able to clean more without needing to worry.

As mentioned before, the app isn’t as feature-rich as some would hope.

More Info

6Highly Capable Hybrid Mop
This sleek, intelligent machine vacuums and mops with ease.

This hybrid offering from Ecovacs packs a lot of advanced functionality into a slick and compact device. It is able to intelligently navigate your home and boasts a robust 110 minute length runtime.

The DEEBOT OZMO 920 features solid performance at both cleaning and mopping, and unlike most hybrid robots that can only perform either function at a time the OZMO 920 can do both at once. While it offers solid performance, it doesn’t necessarily excel at either role.

ProsThe Good

The most significant feature of the DEEBOT OZMO 920 is Ecovacs Ozmo technology, which can simultaneously vacuum and mop your home, offering more versatile cleaning capability than a standalone device. While not perfect, the level of customization and programming ability provided is robust and clearly designed with the user in mind.

Features like multi-floor mapping and virtual boundaries allow you to narrowly define cleaning areas and schedules as needed. In addition to the wide range of functionality, the compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa is undoubtedly a welcomed addition.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

Like with any hybrid machine, while the OZMO 920 offers solid mopping performance, it doesn’t necessarily excel at either. As mentioned, while the SmartNavi laser technology can detect objects and obstacles in your house, it’s not a perfect system and can occasionally miss things or become stuck.

While responsive, Ecovacs’ customer support can sometimes not be the greatest at actual resolution.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

People love the advanced functionality and features on offer, mainly its wide range of customization and programmability. The intelligent navigation, especially the automatic redocking feature, is highly appreciated even if it’s not perfect. Many users also love the hybrid functionality, and how much easier it makes maintaining a clean home.

As mentioned, some users have had difficulties getting a resolution from support, especially if their device was out of warranty.

More Info

7Robotic Mop & Vacuum
Traditional and economical hybrid vacuum and mop.

Falling into the budget robot arena is this robot vac and mop combo from iLife. The V8s is a simple machine with very little in terms of smart tech, but for those who like simplicity or who are bot beginners, this may be a great option. It’s a better vacuum than mop, with several modes and scheduling features and up to 100 minutes of run time on one charge.

ProsThe Good

User-friendly is the motto for this robot vac / mop. Those new to robots and those who aren’t tech-savvy will appreciate not having to rely on a smartphone app. One big plus is the scheduling feature. It automatically re-docks and runs up to 100 minutes on one charge.

There’s a generous dustbin, 6 cleaning modes, and a remote control. To mop, simply pop out the dustbin and replace with the water tank. iDropping technology controls the water flow so your floors don’t get too wet.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

While the scheduling feature is nice, setting it up is akin to old-school flip phone texting with repetitive button pushing. It’s not intuitive, either, so you’ll likely need the user manual to guide the process. It’s also rather loud compared to other models (67 dB in max mode).

Navigation is random, with no map storage. It’s not good at discerning hard floors from low pile rugs and carpeting, so it may get those wet. Mopping performance is very light-duty, with not enough friction to handle stuck-on dirt or scuff marks.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

Older customers and those with back problems found this to be a great alternative to using their upright vacuums so often. They also liked that it had good obstacle avoidance and didn’t get stuck as often as other models.

Some customers with heavy-shedding pets found that the suction nozzle easily clogged with hair which inhibited performance. Some wished it had less of a random pattern and better cleaning coverage. A few users said it got tangled in power cords.

Take a Look At These Alternative Models:
  • ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Mop and Vacuum
    ILIFE V5s Pro
    Price: Low

    The ILIFE V5s Pro is very budget-friendly, with a battery run time of up to 120 minutes. It is smaller and lighter than the V8s at 11.8” in diameter, 3” high, and 4.5 pounds. It comes with a remote control like the V8s and features iDropping technology for efficient water dispersal. Scheduling cleaning cycles isn’t quite as advanced in this model compared to previous ones. You can only schedule time of day cleaning, whereas the V8s allow for specific days and times. Read more >

More Info

8Multifunctional Handheld Cleaner
Simple yet effective little robotic cleaning machine.

The Samsung Jetbot mop offers simple cleaning capabilities with a versatile array of functionality. One of the biggest standout features of the Jetbot is its ability to double as a handheld scrubber, allowing you to manually clean wherever you need. It’s perfect for helping you clean tiled walls or tackle a dirty window. It features a unique aesthetic that emphasizes functionality over form, and as such looks a bit unconventional compared to traditional robotic mops.

ProsThe Good

As mentioned, the handheld mode is perhaps the most unique standout feature of the Jetbot. It allows you to clean anywhere you need, and excels at helping tackle grime and buildup in areas like your kitchen or bathroom.

It features dual unboard tanks, keeping pads effectively damp while not saturating your floor, and delivering up to 50 minutes of continuous cleaning without the need to refill. The dual pads are very effective at scrubbing, and feature an extended design that makes them great at cleaning corners.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

As with most robot mops, even with multiple tanks it may run out of water before completing a cleaning cycle within larger homes. While it features smart sensors for obstacle detection, they aren’t the most reliable and may have difficulty detecting carpeting and some other objects.

The navigation uses an unconventional system that makes its pathfinding appear random, so manual adjustment of cleaning modes may be needed for specific tasks.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

Users with smaller homes or that live in apartments absolutely love the Jetbot, noting that it makes a great assistant and helping them clean and maintain their space. People also really appreciate the handheld cleaning capability, although with the machine weighing 6 pounds it may be strenuous in extended sessions for some.

There are users that have had issues with the Jetbot’s navigation, mistaking its random patterns for a lack of intelligence. It also is not the best option for tackling larger homes and spaces in a single cleaning cycle.

More Info

9Best for pet owners
Exceptional budget-priced model makes light work of household chores.

Robot vacuum and mop combos give you the best of both worlds. These consummate multitaskers allow you to use a single machine to do two different cleaning tasks. The Bissell SpinWave is one of the best budget-priced models of this type on the market. What’s most impressive about the SpinWave is how effortlessly it switches from dry to wet cleaning, giving it a versatility few other carpet-cleaning robots have.

ProsThe Good

It doesn’t have the power of most old-fashioned upright vacuum cleaners. However, the SpinWave operates completely on its own. Also, you can run it more frequently than conventional machines. Both of these things mean that over a week’s time, the performance of the SpinWave will rival that of a legacy vacuum.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

Unfortunately, the base pad and dock aren’t secured to each other. I don’t know if this is a design flaw or not, but it means that the bot is able to knock the charging base off the pad upon which it rests. This sometimes happens with infuriating regularity. Your machine won’t be able to recharge itself until you fix the situation.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

Some users love the fact that while it isn’t completely silent, it’s quiet enough that you can run it while you’re sleeping. And unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, the minimal noise it makes won’t give your dog or cat a heart attack.

Other customers love how well this device mops. The combination of its dual spinning pads, rotating brushes, and proprietary multi-surface cleaning formula will leave your floor sparkling clean and shiny.

More Info

10Intelligently Navigating Hybrid
An intelligent and feature-rich hybrid multi-surface cleaner.

The L70 hybrid continues Robovacs legacy of innovation and quality, delivering a well-rounded premium device. It features intelligent pathfinding thanks to lidar-based navigation, delivering more efficient cleaning results. Real-time mapping allows the L70 to better tackle messes, and makes future jobs even easier. Included with the robot itself are the charging base, an AC power adapter, a waterproof pad, the mopping module, along with the manual, guide, and a worry-free 1 year warranty.

ProsThe Good

The iPath lidar system is able to more efficiently clean your home, and generates real-time maps of your home on the fly as it cleans. It utilizes an S-shaped cleaning pattern instead of random navigation, helping to shorten cleaning times and making the most out of its near-unrivaled 2.5 hour runtime.

The included EufyHome app for iOS and Android boasts a vast array of additional functionality, such as the ability to establish no-go zones and set up cleaning schedules.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

While the lidar-based navigation is certainly a welcomed addition, this technology ultimately comes with a compromise to the former ultra-slim profiles the Robovac line was known for.

The base unit is larger than previous robovacs, and the additional lidar mount on the top means it’s not getting under most couches or other low-profile furniture. There are some quality control issues, particularly software related, that may cause headaches down the line.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

Customers are huge fans of the advanced navigation offered by the L70, especially owners of previous Robovac models that didn’t feature lidar. They love how efficiently the machine cleans, especially after generating a dynamic real time map. A number of people also praise the functionality offered out of the box, and through the EufyHome app.

There are a number of previous Robovac owners that were disappointed by its larger design and resulting inability to get under lower furniture.

More Info

11Powerful And Intelligent Hybrid
An efficient hybrid with powerful suction and advanced navigation.

While not one of the more well-known brands, Proscenic still offers up a quality product at a reasonable price. The M6 Pro features an array of smart features commonly only seen in higher-end devices, including lidar-based navigation and smart-home compatibility. Recharge and resume is another welcomed addition, allowing the hybrid to pick up right where it left off after it automatically returns to dock when the battery is low.

ProsThe Good

The features on display at the price offered are a great standout of the M6 Pro, making it a great value for its budget. The lidar based navigation is certainly the most impressive feature, allowing the robot to both intelligently navigate and map out your home in real time. The mopping function is able to cover a wide surface area, while the vacuum function delivers incredible power to get through any messes it encounters.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

While it offers an array of premium features, don’t expect this to be a 1-to-1 replacement for your high-end hybrid robotic mop. The lidar based navigation is not as reliable as one would hope, and it’s not impossible for the M60 Pro to occasionally become stuck. Furthermore, it’s not the greatest at tackling corners, or grout lines on tiled floors.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

People by far are happy with the features they get for what they paid, they love the smart capabilities packed into this budget- focused machine. Many customers enjoy the hybrid functionality, along with how well each respective function performs.

While the lidar-based navigation is great, it’s not without its faults. There are users reporting issues with the robot occasionally becoming stuck or having difficulties finding its way back to base.

More Info

12Budget Friendly Robot Mop
This machine pairs budget-friendliness with effective cleaning.

The Shinebot W400s is an impressive budget-friendly model from ILIFE. It’s not loaded with various premium features, but for what it does, it does it well. Its four-step cleaning system sprays, scumbs, sucks, and wipes away debris and grime. It features multiple cleaning modes depending on your needs and the room you’re cleaning. It also has sensors to prevent collision or at least reduce its impact.

ProsThe Good

The multi-stage cleaning system is one of the more innovative and impressive systems we’ve reviewed, especially considering how economical this device is. The machine sprays stains to soften them, scrubs them away with the microfiber roller, removes the dirty water using suction, and then wipes away anything remaining with its rubber scraper.

The multiple cleaning modes are also great additions, allowing you to dynamically assign the mode most effective for the task at hand and room you’re cleaning in.

ConsThe Not-So-Good

Without any advanced navigation features aside from basic sensors, its ability to efficiently clean your home is hampered. The device may become stuck, or have difficulty finding its way.

While the water collection is a welcomed and innovative feature, it’s not without its faults. Larger debris may clog the intake valve, affecting performance and the ability to suck up water.

Customer OpinionWhat Customers Say

People love how well this machine cleans, especially considering the cost. Users not looking for advanced premium features and just need a robot that mops their floors have been largely satisfied. Many users love how there are separate water takes for dispersion and collection.

The multi-stage cleaning mode is either loved or hated by customers. Under ideal circumstances, the machine leaves little behind. If there are issues with the intake for the collection, there may be water spots and streaks left behind.

More Info

Hybrid Vs Combo: Why Bother With A Floor Mopping Robot

To robot mop or not to robot mop, that is the question. We’re always looking for the next cool gadget we can control with an app or voice commands in our tech-loving time.

Duo of a robot vacuum and a robot mop vs a hybrid robot cleaner.

Robot vacuum and mop developers are listening. As more models arrive on the market, more improvements and innovations are coming while prices decrease. Where there was a time where you couldn’t find a robot vacuum for less than $1000, you can now get both robot vacuums and mops starting at prices below $200.

There are multifunctional machines that offer both robot vacuum and mop capabilities, also known as hybrid or combination machines. While not necessarily as powerful as single-function devices, they provide multiple degrees of convenience and make a great compliment to your cleaning routine.

What you WON’T get with a robot mop is a heavy-duty cleaning machine. They’ll never quite match the cleaning power of a traditional mop. You will always be the better mopper since you have almighty elbow grease and a smarter brain.

Are Robot Mops Worth It

Busy dad needs help with cleaning and the robot mop could help him :)

Very few June Cleavers exist today. Even full-time moms are busy with side jobs, children’s activities, volunteering, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping… finding time to keep floors clean is hard. We often wait until we’re wading through cat litter or sticking to Kool-Aid spots before we break out the cleaning equipment because it’s just so time-consuming and tiring.

That’s where robot mops and vacuums can really save the day. You have to be realistic. Don’t wait until your floor is hidden under dirt to send these out. They’ll make a streaky path through it, get upset, and go back to their dock to escape.

The best thing to do is, once you give your floors a thorough sweeping or mopping, THEN set these guys up to run on a daily schedule. That will lengthen the time needed between deep cleanings, which in turn will save you time, energy, and cat litter sticking to your feet.

Robot Mops Are Maintenance Tools

It bears repeating: don’t throw out your mop and bucket. For heavy-duty cleaning, nothing beats a scrubbing with an excellent hand-held mop. Robot mops are best for maintenance between manual mopping sessions. They can take care of daily pet shedding and food splatters.

A married couple uses spin mop to clean the tile floor of their home.

Some of the current models are gentle on delicate surfaces such as wood floors. Instead of only a strong jet of water, which can damage wood, some robot mops now use a slow drip with microfiber cloths. Some even act as dust mops. The most advanced models can be controlled with apps or voice control, and some can interact with other smart home devices.

When looking for a robotic mop, keep in mind that the tech isn’t on par with robot vacuums, especially when it comes to smart navigating and timed schedules. Robot mops with water tanks are a bit more challenging because the volume is limited, so large rooms may require a couple of refills.

For true “automation” during a workday, for instance, a robot mop might not clean your whole kitchen or family room, but could tackle the foyer or a bedroom or bathroom. Larger spaces will often require some babysitting.

What To Look For When Buying A Robotic Mop:

    Robot mop detects the obstacle using its sensors.
  1. Battery life: Robot mops for larger homes should have batteries that last around 90 minutes, where apartments and condos can get away with 60 minutes of runtime. Look for models that can return to the charging dock automatically so you won’t have to babysit them as much.
  2. Sensors: Your robot should be able to sense obstacles such as walls, rugs, and carpeting. Higher tech models can also map the floorplan. Many mop robots can’t tell one floor type from another, however, but they often come with some type of virtual barrier so you can block off carpeted areas.
  3. Setup: The simpler it is to charge, program, and fill water tanks, the better. If you’re not a tech lover, you may want to steer clear of those models that require WiFi and smartphone apps to operate them.
  4. Apps make robot mops smarter.
  5. Apps: Tech lovers love this feature in today’s “smart” mops. If available, apps should be intuitive, meaning you shouldn’t need a computer science degree and 5 hours to get to the menu you want. Look for those with apps that have the most practical features, such as scheduling and no-go zones.
  6. Performance: Under real-life situations, your robot mop should clean various hard floors without damaging them while picking up lots of grime in the microfiber cloth. If the cloth isn’t dirty when done, either your floor is already spotless, or the mop itself isn’t that thorough.

Tips & Tricks To Get The Most From Your Robot Mop

Tips and tricks to get the most from your robot mop.

With these devices, there are less physical tips and tricks to use than manual cleaning tools, but there are still some little hacks you can keep in mind to make your robot vacuum or mop your BFF.

Wet it first – Yes, the robot mop will be continually dripping or spraying water as it goes (unless you want dry mopping only), but it will take a while for the cleaning pad to get wet enough to mop. By then, it’s made a few passes of just dry mopping. So, to give it a head start, spray the mop pad with a cleaning solution or a water/vinegar solution before you turn on the machine.

  1. Stains need some TLC – No mopping robot will tackle sticky or dried-on stains as well as a mop. Please take a minute to spray some cleaner or vinegar solution on those spots to pre-treat and soften them up for easier removal.
  2. One room wonders aren’t bad – Some people are annoyed if they have to refill the water tank or change a cleaning pad between rooms. Don’t be. This is NOT a bad thing. By the time your robot’s done with a room, the pad will be saturated with dirt. If you let it go off into another room, it’s just going to drag the dirt along and be unable to pick up new grime.
  3. Nobody likes streaks – You’ll probably see a few, especially on darker floors. So, opt for fast-drying cleaning solutions & always use distilled water. The same goes for steam mops.
  4. Read that manual – For some robot mops, you must only put water or a specific cleaning solution into the water reservoir. Make sure you follow those directions. It could void the warranty otherwise. If you find it’s not cleaning well with plain water, try spraying an undiluted floor cleaner like Mop & Go on the cleaning pad to wet it first.

Things To Avoid

Hazard factors

We learn a lot from researching real customer reviews and testimonials. Homeowners care a lot about keeping their homes clean while holding down jobs and taking care of families. So anything that makes cleaning more comfortable and less costly is right up their alleys. They’re great about relating what works as well as what didn’t work. From reading these experiences, we’ve discovered a few things that robot mops don’t play nice with. Pay particular attention to these before you purchase and operate a robot mop, so you’re not out $200 – $800 for a broken hunk of plastic.

  • Wires
    Wires are dangerous both for people and robots

    Most of us have several wires in our homes for electrical and mobile devices. We don’t think twice about leaving them where they are on the floor if they’re not tripping hazards. Robot mops, despite their “smart” technology, aren’t that smart. They’ll go right under the end table or behind the couch, where they can easily get tangled up in the wires.

    Then you may lose both robot wire AND your charging cord. Those with scrubbing rollers are especially bad at this. So, before you set your little mop loose, take a couple of minutes to get all electrical wires and charging cables off the floor where the robot may wander.

  • Strings, long hair and shoelaces are dangerous for robot mops too.
    Strings and Hair

    These pose a similar hazard to wires and cables but aren’t always as obvious. Have a look around. Pick up any stray tennis shoes, ribbons, play jewelry, yarn, etc.

    If you or your kids have long hair, make sure you’ve given your floor a good weekly/bi-weekly sweeping, so none of this stuff gets clogged up in your robot mop wheels or scrub rollers.

  • Stairs
    Stairs have the potential of damaging your robot mop

    Even the best high-tech robot mops with room mapping capabilities and drop off sensors can sometimes take a tumble down stairs. Carpeted stairs provide a better cushion, but any stairs have the potential of damaging your robot mop.

    The fall can also make dents in the stairs and wall on the way down. Consider blocking off stairs with a baby gate or pillows while the mop’s running for safety’s sake.

  • Not all robotic mops are able to detect carpets.

    Most robot mops are great with room mapping and virtual walls, so they’ll stay off the carpet and rugs. Others not so much.

    If you don’t want soppy rugs and a wet path through your carpet, you may want to pick up those rugs and block off carpeted areas with virtual walls or baby gates.

  • Pet Waste

    You may have come across one dad’s horrifically hilarious recounting of a run-in between a Roomba and a fresh pile of dog doo. He referred to the resulting mess as “a home that closely resembles a Jackson Pollock poop painting.”

    Robots are not smart enough to deal with animals

    As we said before, robot mops and vacuums are smart(ish). They have one job, and that is cleaning your floor. They can’t quite determine which messes they need to leave to the warm-blooded primates with opposable thumbs. As admirable as their work ethic is, you don’t want to run your robot mop as you sleep only to wake up to a floor covered with dog mess.

    Of course, you can’t always control those accidents when you have pets, but if you have a puppy (or toddler) you’re potty-training or an incontinent older dog, consider NOT running the robot mop or vacuum while you’re asleep or gone. Sure it’s less convenient, but you’ll save yourself a late-night nightmare.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a robot mop is a phenomenal investment in not only your space, but yourself. Your time is valuable, so why should you spend it exhausting yourself in a seemingly unending cycle of monotonous cleaning? Robot mops and other home cleaning robots help free you up to have more time to spend with your family, relaxing, on your hobbies, and so much more.

ILIFE Shinebot mops the hardwood floor

As mentioned above, the Roborock S7 stands tall above competitors thanks to its powerful cleaning ability and wide array of features. However, for those looking for a more budget-focused model with a strict focus on mopping, the ILIFE Shinebot W400s is the perfect pick for you.

We hope this comprehensive breakdown of all things robotic mopping has been useful for you in navigating this fairly significant purchasing decision. Nobody wants to be excited to buy something, only to be disappointed once they actually have it. That’s where our extensive research and testing come in to help.

As a Cleanup Expert, I believe in helping homeowners and people who just want to make their cleaning routine easier. That’s why we’ve carefully tested and reviewed an array of cleaning appliances to showcase the very best that the market currently has to offer. Hopefully, my efforts can help you choose the right robot mop for you.

For additional reviews, articles, and advice surrounding all things home cleaning, check back often for more. If you have any questions at all concerning cleaning or anything mentioned on this list, feel free to drop them below in the comment section, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube for our latest posts and updates!

Stephen A. Hancock received his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Robotics Track) from University of Utah in 2004. Since then, he’s contributed to numerous articles and has been a consultant for many technical publications and websites.
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November 12, 2021 at 2:04 pm

How does the Roomba and Braava jet on a combination of wood, tile and area rug situation. Approx 2200 sq ft? We have two dogs and a lot of clay soil under the grass, with winter snow and rain I’m vacuuming and mopping constantly to keep up? Any suggestions?

July 20, 2021 at 7:37 am


I have two questions
1) if I but two separate, one for vacuum and one for mop, is it possible to link (automatically does mopping upon finishing vacuum) even though both from two different manufactures
2) Which mopping robot does not restrict with proprietary solution from manufacturer?

Dacey Guy
July 28, 2021 at 11:24 pm

yes visite here

March 12, 2021 at 12:55 pm

My house is pretty large—can a mopping robot handle it?

Kevin (Cleanup.Expert Team)
March 14, 2021 at 11:58 am

Most manufacturers will specify how many square feet an average cleaning session will cover with their robotic mop. Generally, the more expansive the water tank, the more floor coverage you will ultimately get. If you have multiple levels in your home, it may be advised to have separate devices for each floor, as the robotic mop may have difficulty overcoming stairs.

juliet lynn paul
April 15, 2021 at 8:32 am

Do you have one? What about the Bissell robot vacuum and mop

Darwin Pou
January 11, 2021 at 3:01 am

Wheels marks cause of crossing over previous mopped area, is really a drawback on this kind of robots. I’ve seen Xiaomi Zdg300 which design really promise. It has two clothing mops, one in front and another in back. By now, only available for Chinesse Market. Xiaomi Home Is available in English, but chinesse server connection is requiered for configuration. Some claims issues under iOS devices. Just waiting for World Wide availability.

Darwin Pou
January 11, 2021 at 3:04 am

Samsung design Is pretty cool but lacks of lot of features for the price.

Nicole Haley
December 6, 2020 at 3:59 pm

We have a neato D7 vac and LOVE it. (I currently use a cordless standing bissell crosswave mop, which I love also but want something that I don’t have to manually operate.)

We have one cat and one dog; both which shed. I’m open to either a robot mop or combo vac/mop combo. I like that the robot mop would likely do a more thorough mop job. Due to Covid, we are looking for some thing cost effective but willing to invest for a great product, as it will save us time.

I do love multi tank cleaning, which dispenses clean water onto the floor and remove sturdy water to make for a cleaner scrub, rather than the ole’ dragging a wet cloth situation. However, I would love if the robot mop could clean under furniture. It’s important that the mop doesn’t miss any spots, and therefore must have some sort of mapping technology and not just randomly bounce around the room.

Do you have any suggestions as to what would be the best product for these needs?

We’re currently considering the braava m6, shinebot w400 and the new bissell spinwave wet/dry robot.

* hoping to make a decision in the next day or two to purchase as an early Christmas present!

Thank you for any information!

March 9, 2020 at 4:50 pm

The iLife W400 Shinebot is definitely an excellent option for deep cleaning tiles thanks to its unique liquid vacuum feature. Another great option for deep cleaning tiles is the Braava Jet m6. These types of robots do more than just pass once over the floor, significantly increasing the effectiveness.

March 8, 2020 at 5:48 pm

Does the Shinebot work better to clean tile grout or are they all roughly the same? Does the Shinebot come close to a deeper clean than the others?

January 28, 2020 at 6:23 pm

We keep seeing these robot mop and vacuum combos, but are they really worth it? Or is a single robot mop better?

Kevin (Cleanup.Expert Team)
January 30, 2020 at 12:13 pm

That depends on your cleaning priorities. If you want decent mopping ability, go with a single function robot mop. The hybrids are all good vacuums, but the mopping is only so-so and good for touch-ups, comparable to a light pass with a Swiffer wet mop. The single function robot mops have a bigger water tank, and more real estate dedicated to the task. For instance, the iRobot Braava Jet m6 actually sprays water, while the ILIFE Shinebot W400 sprays, suctions, and dries the floor. Hybrid mops usually only have a drip system that keeps the pad damp, but can’t do much more than that.

Our advice is to invest in a Roomba i7 or s9+ vacuum and a iRobot Braava Jet m6. They work like a tag team with Imprint Technology. Once the vacuum is done and docked, the mop then sets out automatically.

November 11, 2019 at 1:48 am

Isn’t there a Roomba that also mops the floor? We have dogs that shed and track wet paw prints through the house. It would be nice to have one that swept and mopped at the same time.

Kevin (Cleanup.Expert Team)
November 11, 2019 at 9:28 am

There are a few hybrid robot mop / vacuums. However, most of them are not that great at doing both tasks, especially the mopping part. We found just one – the Roborock S5 – that was pretty good at both, but still was a better vacuum.

We’d recommend getting two separate robots. The most impressive pairing we found so far is the Roomba i7+ or S9+ paired with the Braava Jet m6 robot mop. Dock them close to one another. Then when the Roomba is done with its cycle and returns to charge, the mop will set out and clean the freshly vacuumed floor. You can operate them both via the iHOME app.

November 6, 2019 at 4:15 am

We recently got a Roomba i7 and love it. But we were wondering if adding a mopping robot would be worth the extra expense? I’m not convinced they’re as good at mopping as the vacuums are at sweeping.

Kevin (Cleanup.Expert Team)
November 6, 2019 at 9:07 am

You’re right in that robot mops are a little behind tech-wise compared to robot vacuums. They’re still relatively new on the market, whereas the Roombas have had a couple decades of evolution.

You have to weigh the benefits over the drawbacks. For the price, robot mops are cheaper than robot vacuums, but more expensive than a regular mop and bucket, even the high-end spin mops. They’re maintenance machines only, to be used between heavy duty mopping. However, they can extend the time between manual mopping.

They can suffer from some of the same problems robot vacuums have, in that they can get lost or stuck. Some also have very small water tanks that won’t make it practical to run while you’re not at home. But many of them can do different modes like dry, damp, or wet mopping. They can reach under furniture and cabinets easily. Some can even spot clean.

Since you have the Roomba i7, a REALLY good option for you is the BraavaJet m6 robot mop. It pairs up with the i7 so that when the vacuum is done, the mop then sets off to do its thing automatically.

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