updated: January 12, 2023

Discover all the advanced features that make the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme an exceptional robot pool cleaner by reading our 2023 review.

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Our rating: 9.9
Price: High

With its stunning array of advanced features, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme is the Tesla of robotic pool cleaners. There are TONS of robot vacuums on the market, just begging for you to buy them. However, the Nautilus has a lot of innovative features you simply won’t find in lesser models.

Perhaps you wished you had a pool cleaner with superior performance and eliminated back-breaking manual labor. If so, then the Nautilus is the one to plunk down your hard-earned money for.

With the rising cost of professional pool cleaners, people are clamoring for a less expensive alternative that doesn’t leave them doing the work themselves.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme, ready to use
Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme – Robotic Pool Cleaner

Maytronics has the distinction of being one of the only companies on earth that manufactures robotic pool cleaners. But they don’t have much to worry from their competitors, because they’ve left them in the dust.

The company has over 35 years’ experience with designing machines that help people clean their pools in the most efficient way possible.

And, the Supreme is the latest in the line to do just that!


The Nautilus CC Supreme on an optional universal caddy.

  • Extremely easy to set up—you can have it in the water five minutes after you take it out of its box
  • Able to clean large pools (up to 50 feet)
  • Does a standard cleaning of your pool in 1.5 hours—much faster than some other models, which require 2.5 hours
  • Dynamic dual-drive—360 degrees turning mobility for better surface coverage
  • Top-loading filters make cleaning them a breeze
  • Dual filtration ensures all potentially toxic contaminants are filtered out
  • Full filter indicator so you’re not guessing when to empty it
  • The innovative design makes it easy to lift and handle
  • Patented swivel cable prevents tangling
  • Three scrubbing brushes instead of two for more thorough cleaning action
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty issued by the world’s foremost robotic pool cleaner company
  • Customizable scheduling options so you can make sure your cleaning gets done when it needs to

Who’s It For?

The Supreme is for anyone who wants to keep their inground pool looking as good as the day it was installed. And, wants to achieve this result without hiring an expensive cleaning service or having to expend a lot of energy cleaning it themselves.


Supreme cleans the bottom of a pool.

The Nautilus comes with four cleaning modes with three different timed cycles. The cycles are 1.5, 2.5, or 3.5 hours long. The cleaning modes are as follows:

  • Regular
  • Floor Only
  • Ultra Clean
  • Waterline

This gives you the ultimate flexibility in deciding how and when to clean your pool.

One great thing about pool cleaning robots (including the Supreme) is that they’re separate from the pool’s filtration system. This means that there’s no lack of efficiency if the pool’s pump malfunctions. The Supreme has two separate motors: one for the suction and one for the brushes. This means that maximum power is always available for each system.

Look at model's brushes.

Another fantastic feature of this machine compared to other models, is that it has three brushes instead of two. So, of course, you get the two main brushes on either side of the device. However, you also get a center scrubbing brush. Having three brushes instead of two increases cleaning efficiency. The front and back brush rolls scrub extra hard to remove dirt and algae from pool surfaces.

The center brush rotates at a higher speed. This helps to remove especially stubborn stains. This third brush also makes sure the robot doesn’t get stuck on the drain—which commonly happens with many models. That’s because the center brush pushes the unit off the drain before it has a chance to get hung up.

Once the grime and the gunk are lifted from your pool surfaces by the triple brush action, it’s sucked inside the Nautilus and fed through two extra-large filters. There’s a whole lot more surface area in the Supreme’s filters than what’s in your average pool cleaning robot. This means they’ll trap a lot more debris.

Man removes filter cartridges for cleaning.

The Supreme comes with two filters: one net mesh screen for trapping large debris and a pleated polyester filter for fine sand. Because it has the second filter, it can pick up small particles that other robotic pool cleaners can’t. This dual filtration system ensures that your robot will catch just about everything floating around in your pool.

And because the filters are top-loading, cleaning is a cinch. The double baskets encasing the filters are easily removed. Just open them up, give them a good rinsing with a garden hose, and put them back in the unit.

It can also scale the walls to scour the waterline until it removes every trace of gunk with its powerful scrubbers.

Contained within its artificially intelligent brain is state-of-the-art navigational software. It might look like it’s moving in a random pattern. However, it’s mapping your pool using something that the manufacturer calls IntelliScan technology. It then uses advanced algorithms to plan the most efficient route so that not much effort is wasted.

The cord swivels 360 degrees to prevent it from tangling. With this innovative feature, your robot won’t be hindered in its mission of giving you the cleanest pool in the neighborhood by getting stuck.

Features overview of the controlling app.

Another thing that sets the Nautilus apart from most other models is that it gives you the option of scheduling your cleaning for more than one week at a time. Besides that, there are a bunch of other customization choices as far as cleaning schedules go. You can choose between the quick clean (which does the floor only), a standard cleaning (which does floors, walls, and waterline), or enhanced cleaning. The latter option is for when your pool is especially dirty and needs extra attention.

Since there’s no remote control, you do all this through the easy-to-use MyDolphin Plus app. With this, you can send your robotic friend orders from wherever you happen to the planet. The app also offers a smooth scrolling manual drive when you want to do a little spot cleaning.

You can use this feature to clean any place the robot might have missed. Navigational software isn’t 100% perfect, so this is bound to happen. However, these controls are a little clumsy and take some getting used to.

Also, you can check the app for the percentage of work completed and the estimated end time.

Man removes robot from the water after pool cleaning job finished.

With its array of advanced features, you’d probably expect the Supreme to be hard to lug around. However, you’d be surprised at how lightweight it is. When it’s time to remove your little robotic helper from the water, you won’t strain any muscles.

The Supreme only uses 180 watts of electricity per hour. On the other hand, booster-pump-powered hydraulic cleaners use up to 1,000 watts per hour. Your electricity cost for this unit will be five cents or less each hour you use it.

Think of the wads of cash you’ll save if you trade in your old cleaner for a brand-new Supreme!


Although the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme is one of the best robotic pool cleaners on the market, it’s not perfect. Here are some of the issues users have had with it:

Underwater shot of how the Nautilus CC Supreme cleans the pool.
  • It has trouble ascending stairs because it’s not very good adjusting to abrupt changes in terrain. If you have a ladder with large rungs, it might just be able to do the job.
  • There’s no remote control. However, you don’t need one with the well-designed smartphone app.
  • It doesn’t come with a caddy. If you think you’ll need to quickly move it from one place to another, I’d suggest you invest in one.
  • It won’t clean tanning ledges because they’re too shallow. However, it will do quite well with swim out benches because they’re in deeper water.
  • There’s no owner’s manual—only a digital one.

Alternatives to the Supreme

Nautilus CC Plus - an alternative model from the same manufacturer.

There are robotic pool cleaners like the Supreme on the market. So, how does the Supreme stack up to them?

There are so many comparable machines we could look at. Let’s just glance at a few. We’ll start with the Supreme’s cousin—the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. This model is less expensive than the Supreme. However, although it has a dual brush system, it doesn’t have the third center brush. This means that it won’t clean as well and is more likely to get hung up on the drain.

This model also takes longer to clean your pool.

The Supreme also has bigger, more technologically advanced filters than the Plus. This means they’ll be more effective at removing pollen, dirt, and other impurities from your pool. Also, there’s no smartphone integration with the Plus like there is with the Supreme.

Dolphin Premier is yet another alternative to consider.

There’s also the Dolphin Nautilus Premier. As far as filters go, the Dolphin Nautilus beats its close relative with better filters. The Premier also doesn’t have WIFI functionality, so you won’t have the cleaning customization options you get with the Dolphin Nautilus.

The Supreme also moves along your pool bottom faster than the Dolphin s300i, another robotic pool cleaner from Maytronics. So, it’ll get more cleaning done in less time. Another way it surpasses this earlier model is that it has better suction. This means—unlike the s300i—all debris is picked up on the first pass. Remote monitoring is better, too, because it has WIFI instead of Bluetooth.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy a Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme

So, in the end, I would recommend buying a Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme.

It does a fantastic job keeping the water crystal clear, and your pool surfaces sparkling clean. With this machine, you won’t ever have to expend back-breaking effort scrubbing stubborn algae and biofilm from your pool walls. You can kick back, relax, and have this little robot take care of everything for you.

Buy one today and see what all the fuss is about! Or, check our list of pool robots (TOP 10 Rating) to see more of what we recommend.

Our pool maintenance expert, Luke Reed, earned his BS in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech in 1998. Since then, he’s worked in a variety of industries, including design and construction of luxury swimming pools.

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Armin Helisch
March 14, 2021 at 7:57 pm

You are not listing the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme in your 2021 rank list of pool robots, even though it seems to offer advangates over the #1 rate CC Plus and #2 rate Dolphin Premier. Why have you left it out of your rank list of Pool Cleaning robots? Have there been problems with the CC Supreme that make it less recommendable than the others, or is it just the high price?

Kevin (Cleanup.Expert Team)
March 17, 2021 at 9:17 am

Hello, Armin! That’s a terrific question. The Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme is a newer model that’s ranked in the number one position on our list of alternatives to the Dolphin CC Plus.

Because it’s newer, we felt it was better to list it as an excellent alternative to the older model. But don’t worry, if the CC Supreme keeps up its superlative performance, it’ll soon share top billing with its higher ranked siblings.

Take care, and I wish you happiness and sunshine!

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